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You wouldn’t get your car serviced by a lawyer. You wouldn’t visit your accountant to tailor a suit for you. Nor would you visit a nurse to do your tax return ...

Tea detox. Juicing. Enemas. Fasting. Elimination diets. Do they actually detoxify your body? Or could they potentially make things worse?

What if everything you have ever been told about nutrition was wrong? That following the 'food pyramid' is killing you. Well, it is. This idea that bread, cereals

Right throughout our 30 years of nutrition and health consulting, this question has been asked repeatedly - ’is red meat bad for me’?

If you’re asking ‘what diet is right for me?’ You’re asking the wrong question. We don’t advocate the promotion of ‘trending’ diets, even though they all

Mercury pollution comes from industrial waste, farming practices, crematoriums, energy-efficient light bulbs, dental waste and gold mining...