Do you want to resolve health issues
and achieve optimal health?

Your personal body chemistry delivers a roadmap to success!

Have you ever noticed how one person can succeed following the latest diet and exercise programme yet others do the exact same things and fail?  Maybe this has happened to you?

The truth is that “one size fits all” programmes rarely succeed at delivering optimal health because your body chemistry is different than any other living person.  Therefore to reach your desired level of health you must follow an individualized strategy based on your needs—which can only be determined from your body chemistry.

Nutrition Diagnostics follows a science based, body chemistry approach to high level health.  Your body is telling you exactly what it needs for optimal nutritional intake and perfect weight and body composition.  Our team of professionals are trained to evaluate your personal medical history, lifestyle, and body chemistry to develop a personalized program just for you. 

Is your body “out of balance?” 

Whether it is something as simple as lacking energy, more serious like a medical condition or anywhere in-between, if you don’t feel well it only means one thing; your body is out of balance.  The good news is that your symptoms are signs and signals telling you to make changes.  The sooner you make changes, the sooner you begin to feel better. You may not yet believe it, but the body is always striving to win.  Your body wants to get back into balance.  The only question you need to answer is, “How badly do I want health?”  Nutrition Diagnostics can coach and support you back to health by following a multi-faceted approach combining nutrition, detoxification and exercise.

Win back your health!

I’m delighted to welcome you to Nutrition Diagnostics. In this brief introduction, you’ll discover the
keys to lifelong health. Strategies based on good science, not on popular fads and marketing hype.

"The body is its own perfect chemistry set."  The truth of that has been the driving force for me and my team for over 30 years. It’s logical when you think about it. Let your body’s underlying ‘chemistry’ get out of balance, and your natural immune system and digestive processes become stressed and overloaded. Which means your health and fitness deteriorate in a downward spiral. It’s not your fault. And there is a way out.

Bringing your body back into balance... When you start your journey back into balance, you begin to experience what life should be like. At your perfect weight. Invigorated. Naturally healthy. You can put the cycle of weight loss and weight gain, of lethargy and the despondency of never feeling ‘right’ far behind you. Enjoy your own discovery of the truth about health and wellbeing within this information. I hope we’ll be seeing you soon at our Centre.

If you were ever going to get truly well, when would be the best time to start ?

Yours in health,

Dr Eric K Davis (Dentist)
BDSc. DipClinNutr. DipAc. FACNEM. ND
Clinical Director
Nutritionist Naturopath Dental Surgeon
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