Our History - The Exploration of Health

A Story That Started in the 1970's...

The story of Nutrition Diagnostics begun with Dr Eric Davis (Dentist) as he grappled with his own illnesses back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Having recently graduated as a dentist, Dr Davis suffered from asthma, migraines, fatigue and inflammatory bowel disease. It was his own suffering that led Dr Davis on his lifelong exploration and study of health, and now, he is proud to have helped countless others balance their body chemistry and regain health…


Eric Davis graduates from The University of Queensland, Australia with a Bachelors Degree of Dental Science. As the recipient of a scholarship, Eric was bound to working for the Queensland Department of Health.


Eric Davis completes his postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition from the International Academy of Nutrition.


Eric Davis travels to the United States to study Nutrition by looking at Body Chemistry lead by Dr Hal Huggins. From there he continued to study with Hal the relationship of Dentistry and Medicine.


Eric Davis graduates with a Diploma of Naturopathy from the Queensland Naturopathic College.

Eric opened his own centre with special interest in Biological Dentistry, Orthodontics with Growth Guidance and blood chemistry evaluations and nutritional consulting.


Eric Davis trained with Dr Ian Schneiderman the father of Medical Acupuncture in Australia and later became a member of the Australian Medical Acupuncture Society.


Eric is certified for integrating the sciences of medicine and dentistry in the USA under the tutelage of Dr Hal Huggins.


A memo from our mentor, Dr Hal Huggins.


Eric is certified as a Neural Therapist by the American Academy of Biological Dentistry.


In June, Eric is certified by the Environmental Dental Association for the clinical application of Mercury Free Dentistry.


Eric completes his post graduate course in Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).


Eric founded Nutrition Diagnostics - which was originally designed to work exclusively with his dental practice, following the teachings of Hal Huggins and H.L 'Sam' Queen.

The first Nutrition Diagnostics label is created. Featuring a motif of a jumping man and a cream and purple colour-way.


Nutrition Diagnostics first supplement line designed to balance chemistry, 1995.


Eric meets Sally Fallon (President of The Weston A Price foundation) for a family dinner and later becomes an 'Honorary Board Member'.

Eric was made a fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Nutrition Diagnostics launched its first line of supplements. Within this range were Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3. Decades of research, led to the design of these formulas, as the core supplements to balance body chemistry. The formulas are so successful they have not been changed since.


In August of 2001, Eric undertakes advanced training in Chelation Therapy (ACNEM).


Eric engages a software engineer to develop a programme that would interpret blood chemistries and prescribe eating plans and a supplement regiment to balance body chemistry with sophisticated accuracy. It is a digital system designed to implement health model thinking based on the fundamental defects that underline all disease.

In October, Eric lectures at a three-day conference on ‘Free Radical Therapy and a Mouthful of Evidence’ to health professionals in Australia, in conjunction with H.L 'Sam' Queen from The Institute of Health Realities.


Owen Davis commences studies in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Queensland.


Eric Davis lectures on ‘Mercury and dental infection a Danger to Your Health’ as the 5th annual conference for The Australian Institute of Kinesiologists’.

In September, Eric once again lectures at a three-day conference on ‘Free Radical Therapy’ and ‘A Mouthful of Evidence’ to health professionals in Australia, in conjunction with H.L 'Sam' Queen from The Institute of Health Realities.


In May, Eric travels to Colorado Springs, USA, to lecture health professionals on Free Radical Therapy and ‘Improving Treatment Outcomes by Supporting the Body’s Intended Design’.


Owen pursues further studies in Health Science and Nutrition at Endeavour College.

The first Nutrition Diagnostics cookbook was created.

Following the success of his lectures in the USA, Eric lectures at a three-day conference for health professionals on ‘Free Radical Therapy -The Forensic Approach’, in Brisbane, Australia.


Nutrition Diagnostics undergoes a re-brand. A new blue and white colour way is proposed and has remained ever since.


Owen Davis (left) and Daniel Davis (right) with Dr Hal Huggins. February, 2007.


Daniel Davis graduates from the University of Queensland with a Degree in Dentistry.

Eric again delivers lectures to health professionals in Brisbane on 'Advanced Free Radical Therapy - The Forensic Approach' in Brisbane Australia.


After graduating with a bachelor of Health Science and Nutrition, Owen becomes more involved in Nutrition Diagnostics.

Daniel, Owen and Sue Davis fly to the United States to learn more from Eric's mentor, Dr Hal Huggins.


Eric delivers a lecture at the 2012 'Low Carb Down Under Tour' from the perspective of oral health and balancing body chemistry.


Eric lectures at a two-day seminar for our family friends at BioConcepts, 'The Integrative Oncology Workshop - The New Millennium of Cancer & Nutritional Education', on the associated hazards of mercury, dental toxins, body chemistry, diet and recovery.

'Day 1 - Lecture'

'Day 2 - Lecture Q and A'


Nutrition Diagnostics collaborates with Central Queensland University to research and further develop the 'Nutrition Diagnostics Dietary Intelligence System'.


Nutrition Diagnostics and our Synergy K2 product feature on 'Channel 9 News'.

In October, Eric Davis lectures at the 'Integria Healthcare Symposium' in Sydney - delivering insights to health professionals on the links between chronic disease and the mouth - 'A Mouth Full of Evidence - What Happens in your Mouth Does Not Stay in Your Mouth'.


Nutrition Diagnostics launches a new website with a focus on connecting people the world over to the philosophy of health model thinking.


The Courier Mail asks Nutrition Diagnostics to provide expert insight on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak with respect to the immune system and nutrition. You can see the article here.

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