We Don't Follow the Status Quo. We're Different.

Supplements With a Difference

Nutrition Diagnostics supplements are like no other on the market. Our products are not made to conform to trending diets, fads or radical health regimes, but rather are made on the basis of science. Each product is made from only natural ingredients and are designed to naturally balance body chemistry and improve health. Each supplement undergoes regular stability testing to validate their content, potency and purity.

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Real results

Balancing Body Chemistry

Supplements designed to naturally correct imbalances & deficiencies, & deliver real, tangible outcomes.

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Better for you

All Natural Ingredients

Made from only the purest, most natural ingredients on the market - our supplements contain nothing artificial. 

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Better for you

Hormone Free

Hormones create chemical imbalance in the body. Being hormone free enables our supplements to balance chemistry.

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Better for you

No Artificial Flavours

Our supplements contain nothing synthetic - meaning they’re more efficiently absorbed and better for you.

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More effective

Multiple Routes of Absorption

Multiple routes of absorption ensures their benefits are realised and each mineral can be readily used by the body.

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Supplements you can trust

Formulated by Expert Practitioners

Our supplements have been formulated by industry-leading experts to deliver clinically-proven results. 

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The highest quality

Proudly Made in Australia

Producing supplements in Australia means we’re able to ensure they’re made to the highest possible TGA standards.

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Health Programs With a Difference

Like our supplements, our health programmes are not made to conform to trending diets, fads or radical health regimes, but rather are made on the basis of science. We acknowledge that every body is different, and everyone’s body chemistry is different. Therefore, Nutrition Diagnostics programmes are individually tailored to the body chemistry of our patients.

Supporting the Body's Intended Design

We understand that the body is made by design, and it is our mission to support its intended design, not dictate to it. With this in mind, each of our supplements has been designed to have multiple routes of absorption. This is a critical difference, as many people have difficulty with digestion and metabolism, not only with food, but with supplements as well. Having multiple routes of absorption ensures all minerals and contents of our supplements are available for use by the body - allowing our supplements to work with far greater efficiency. 

The Earliest Signs of Disease Are Seen in Blood Chemistry

By analysing your unique blood chemistry, we can uncover your body’s design for staying well, and then develop a strategy to return your body back to a healthy balanced state. We do so by combining the best of todays medical and dental science knowledge, complimentary medicines, nutrition and exercise.

Finding Answers For a Healthier Life

Learn More About Our Tailored Health Programs

Our tailored health programs leverage blood chemistry analysis to provide tailored insights and health advice. Learn more about how you can unlock optimum health with blood chemistry.

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Understanding What Causes Disease

Through correct information and ongoing coaching, we help our clients to avoid the myths and misinformation that prevent them from achieving sustainable health and ideal body composition. Through our Nutrition Diagnostics Centre, we provide a friendly, nurturing and welcoming environment - fully equipped with the very latest facilities to ensure the journey to lifelong health and vitality is an enjoyable and rewarding one.

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