Vitamin C Powder With a Difference:
Bio Vitamin C

Our Vitamin C Powder: Bio Vitamin C

Bio Vitamin C is a high strength vitamin C powder that also contains Lysine, Proline, Glycine, bioflavonoids, and a standardised green tea extract. Made from all-natural ingredients, it is free of calcium ascorbate, artificial colours, sweeteners and sugar. Thus, it is a healthier and more absorbable vitamin C powder than other products on the market. As our vitamin C powder is water soluble, it can be absorbed by the body very quickly, which enables it to address symptoms and provide noticeable relief in a short time frame. 

Our Vitamin C Powder is Free From Calcium Ascorbate - Making it Better For You

Another key distinction is that most vitamin C powder is made with calcium ascorbate. This is done to improve shelf-life; however, it causes many problems. Free calcium excess is one of the six subclinical defects that underpins all disease. Where additional calcium is introduced to the body (in the form of a generic vitamin C powder), it will drive calcium excess, which is associated with several issues - plaque build up on teeth, gall and kidney stones, breast/prostate/thyroid calcifications and the hardening of arteries. A coronary calcium score test, x-ray or mammogram can view these deposits.

What Makes Bio Vitamin C Better?

We believe Bio Vitamin C is the best vitamin C powder on the market. Click the plus icons to find out why!

All Natural Ingredients

Sugar Free

No Artificial Colours or Flavours

Supports Energy Production

Provides Antiviral Support

Provides Detox Support

Why We Make Our Vitamin C Powder Without Calcium Ascorbate

Additionally, the body requires vitamin D to absorb calcium effectively. So, in the instance of calcium excess, the body will deliberately lower its vitamin D levels in an attempt to protect itself from unwanted redistributed calcium into vital joints and organs, to achieve homeostasis (balance). Free Calcium Excess can create serious long term disease states. This is why our own Vitamin C powder, Bio Vitamin C has been made without calcium ascorbate.

Our Vitamin C Powder Contains...

Our Vitamin C Powder

All Natural Ingredients

Our vitamin C powder is made with all natural ingredients so as to be optimally beneficial for your health and to provide real health results.

Our Vitamin C Powder

No Sugar

Most generic vitamin c powder contains sugar. This is done to ‘improve’ taste and marketability, however, including sugar in vitamin C powder hinders the quality and efficacy of the vitamin C itself - reducing its function. Sugar in vitamin c powder makes it less effective, which is why we have chosen to make ours sugar free!

Our Vitamin C Powder

Nothing Artificial

We don’t use artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners in our vitamin C powder. Artificial ingredients often have an adverse effect on the brain, amongst other things. Nutrition Diagnostics Bio Vitamin C - like all of our products and supplements - is made without any artificial ingredients.

Our Vitamin C Powder

No Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium ascorbate is used in many generic vitamin C powders as it improves shelf life. However, it comes at a cost to your health as it often drives free calcium excess. Free calcium is known to cause several health issues. Instead, we use ascorbic acid, a stable 2-electron donator, derived from the sago palm to ensure no harm is done to your health.  Note vitamin C can be derived from GMO corn and wheat, ours is not, due to many people having intolerances.

Vitamin C Powder From Australia

Nutrition Diagnostics is an Australian company, and like all of our supplements, Bio Vitamin C is proudly made and manufactured in Australia. Being a vitamin C powder from Australia means it is made under the stringent guidelines set out by the Australian Government Department of Health TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) - thus ensuring it is a high quality product. The TGA is Australia’s regulatory for therapeutic goods. They are responsible for the tick of approval in safety and quality for medical devices, supplements and medicines. By manufacturing our supplements in our home country of Australia, we are able to work closely  to ensure our exact standards are always met.

How to Use Bio Vitamin C

How to Use Our Vitamin C Powder: The Energy Drink

A High Strength Vitamin C Powder

A regular dose of over-the-counter Vitamin C powder is 500mg, whereas Bio Vitamin C delivers 2000mg per dose. Not only is it a high strength vitamin C, but it also contains amino acids like Lysine, Proline, Glycine, as well as bioflavonoids and a standardised green tea extract which deliver additional benefits. The primary role of Bio Vitamin C powder is to support the immune system by promoting the correct balance of white blood cells.





Green Tea Extract

What Do These Ingredients Do?

Green tea extract and citrus bioflavonoids assist with the uptake and absorption of vitamin C, as well as offering antioxidant protection. Lysine, proline and glycine are all antioxidants which protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals, as well as providing antiviral support. Lysine is also required for the synthesis of collagen (assisting in the healing and repair of skin - which is good for anti-ageing), carbohydrate metabolism and the production of energy. Glycine, on the other hand, aids in the synthesis of glutathione - which is integral for antiviral support.

Antiviral Support

Anti-Ageing Support

Energy Production

Cold & Flu Support

Detox Support

Much More Than Vitamin C: An Immune Strengthening Supplement

This unique combination of ingredients makes Bio Vitamin C a high strength vitamin C powder that not only benefits the immune system (providing protection from colds and flus) but also supports detoxification of particular heavy metals like mercury and several other bodily functions.

An All Natural Vitamin C Supplement

We don’t believe in synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are used to benefit the maker of supplements - by increasing the use-by date and improving profit margins - however, they are detrimental to the end consumer’s health. As such, Bio Vitamin C is an all natural vitamin C supplement made exclusively from ingredients that are designed to balance body chemistry and deliver measurable results that is seen in health. Synthetic ingredients hinder the efficacy of supplements - making them less effective, less potent and less absorbable. This is why we have made the conscious decision to make Bio Vitamin C an all natural vitamin C supplement.


We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about our Vitamin C powder, Bio Vitamin C.

Why is natural vitamin C powder so rare?

It is rare to find natural vitamin C powder as it is more costly to produce, and it has a shorter shelf life than those made with synthetic ingredients.

Why is Bio Vitamin C different in colour to other vitamin c supplements?

Unlike generic vitamin C supplements, our Bio Vitamin C is also made with green tea extract, which gives it a subtle brown tinge.

What is the recommended dosage of Bio Vitamin C?

It is recommended that adults take one teaspoon twice per day or as directed by a healthcare professional. Some clients on our tailored health programs are directed to take Bio Vitamin C as many as three times per day. During illness, you may also want to raise the amount. Always consults with a healthcare professional before doing so.

How do you take Bio Vitamin C?

Bio Vitamin C is a vitamin C powder designed to be taken orally by mixing it with water. Or, it can be taken in the form of our signature ‘Energy Drink’, which is made by mixing it with water, lemon juice, lime juice and apple cider vinegar. The energy drink is designed to support a host of bodily functions and also helps to bolster immunity, help to protect against colds and flu, provide additional antiviral support and decrease acidity - balancing the body’s pH.