Cod Liver Oil Australia: Bio Omega 3-6-9

The Importance of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. These omega 3 fatty acids - known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) - are not produced naturally by the body but are critical to human health. Thus, they must be obtained through the diet. And while regular fish oil also contains these omega 3 fatty acids, it does not have vitamin A and vitamin D like cod liver oil. These additional vitamins elevate and distinguish cod liver oil from regular fish oil, making it the superior choice.

Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Our all natural cod liver oil delivers a host of benefits to the body. Click the plus icons to see some of the benefits!

Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin D

Anti Inflammatory

Aids Heart Health

Supports Bones, Eyes & Skin

Benefits Brain & Cognitive Function

Best Brand of Cod Liver Oil in Australia

As with all Nutrition Diagnostics supplements, our Bio Omega 3-6-9 cod liver oil is made from all natural ingredients. Our pure cod liver oil is sourced from the pristine arctic waters off the coast of Norway. Our cod liver oil also goes through a multi-step purification process that removes toxins while preserving nutritional value. This, coupled with our high quality ingredients, is what makes Nutrition Diagnostics the best brand of cod liver oil in Australia.

First, the fishermen remove and freeze the livers before delivering them to on-shore processors. The livers are then steam distilled to remove the oil. There is then further purification by a low temperature vacuum process known as molecular distillation. The cod liver oil is then bottled under nitrogen in the absence of light and packed into special containers that eliminate photons and autoxidation. This multi-step process produces an exceptionally clean and nutritionally rich cod liver oil - making Nutrition Diagnostics the best brand of cod liver oil in Australia.


Livers Are Frozen


Steam Distilled


Molecular Distillation


Bottled Under Nitrogen


Specially Packaged

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

The combination of omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) and vitamins A and D found in cod liver oil delivers a wide range of benefits to the body. These include; cellular health, heart health, bone health, brain function, eye health, skin health and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cellular Health

Omega 3 essential fatty acids (specifically DHA and EPA) found in cod lover oil are important structural components of cell membranes and, therefore, aid in maintaining healthy cells in the body. This assists in maintaining proper body function and supports the immune system by ensuring cells are more robust and less likely to be infected by viruses.

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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Heart Health

Omega 3 fatty acids found in cod lover oil are particularly beneficial for heart health. This is because omega 3’s are known to balance triglycerides and blood pressure - alleviating some of the risk factors for heart disease and heart attack. Sufficient fats (like omega 3’s) are required to absorb other vitamins and minerals - particularly vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 works to clear calcium from the arteries - pushing it into the bones. This benefits the heart, as well as the bones.

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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Bone Health

Vitamin D found in cod liver oil helps the body to absorb calcium, which assists bone health.

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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Brain Function

Cod liver oil has long been known to aid and improve cognitive function. In fact, DHA is the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid found in the brain. Studies also suggest an uptake in omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Similarly, studies have shown that an increased level of vitamin D may reduce anxiety and depression, particularly in winter where there is low sunlight levels. Our cod liver oil is rich in both omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Anti Inflammatory

EPA and DHA, which are known to play an important role in supporting the regulation of inflammation (potentially relieving the symptoms of inflammation). Thus, cod liver oil helps prevent and provide relief from conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Eye Health

Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin A found in cod liver oil are known to protect the eyes from vision loss and inflammatory eye diseases such as glaucoma.

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Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Skin Health

The skin contains a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. Thus, a sufficient intake of cod liver oil will help to maintain healthy skin.

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A Cod Liver Oil Without the Fishy Aftertaste. Made With Peppermint

We have also added natural peppermint oil - distinguishing it from other cod liver oil products that use synthetic, artificial flavours that defeat the purpose of it being a health supplement. Bio Omega 3-6-9 has a pleasant, soothing aftertaste - ensuring that taking this product is an enjoyable experience and that Bio Omega 3-6-9 is the best cod liver oil in Australia.

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We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about our cod liver oil, Bio Omega 369.

What about mercury? Is it safe to take cod liver oil?

We advise that people avoid eating all fish and seafood due to the risk of mercury toxicity. In fact, we regularly treat people suffering the effects of mercury toxicity. Thus, you can be assured that it is safe to take our cod liver oil. Now only is our cod liver oil sourced from the pristine waters of Norway, but it also goes through a multi-step purification process that ensures it is clean and nutritionally rich. To learn more about this, click here.

What is the difference between cod liver oil and fish oil?

Cod liver oil and fish oil aren’t quite the same thing - there are a few key differences. For starters, cod liver oil contains vitamin A and vitamin D, whereas fish oil does not. This is part of the reason that Nutrition Diagnostics favours cod liver oil over fish oil - because we believe it delivers additional benefits. There is also a difference in the way that the oils are extracted. Cod liver oil - as the name suggests - is derived from the liver of the cod fish. Fish oil, on the other hand, is not derived from the liver, but the flesh of the fish.

What is the recommended daily dosage of Bio Omega 369 cod liver oil?

We suggest that adults take 5mL daily or as directed by your health professional. For those looking for anti-inflammatory support, we suggest taking 10mL per day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Who should take Bio Omega 369 cod liver oil?

Our cod liver oil can be taken by both children and adults. It is especially beneficial for those who don’t get much natural sunlight, those who suffer from joint problems, those who have joint pain and inflammation and those who suffer from low immunity. Cod liver oil is also  beneficial for those with earwax issues, deteriorating eye health and those looking to boost cognitive function.