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The Power of Vitamin C

The Power of Vitamin C

COVID-19 Recovery With Megadose Vitamin C

We’re sure by now you will have already seen the headlines about a COVID-19 patient with sepsis being given a megadose of vitamin C and making a miraculous recovery. The story has dominated headlines over the past few days and has brought increasing attention to the efficacy of vitamin C in dealing with infection.

Vitamin C Megadose to Fight COVID-19 and Sepsis

The patient (a 40 year old man) was administered a ‘megadose’ of vitamin C. As reported in this ABC article, a megadose is an initial dose of 30 grams of sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) over 30 minutes, then a maintenance dose of 30 grams over six and a half hours. To put this amount into perspective, a regular dose of over-the-counter Vitamin C is 500mg, and a regular dose of our Bio Vitamin C is 2000mg - so a megadose is 60 and 15 times higher respectively. It should also be noted that a megadose of vitamin C is administered intravenously, and has to be done in a hospital.


Vitamin C Plays a Key Role in Illness and Infection

So why are we talking about this? Well, because it supports our beliefs that vitamin C is essential in combatting illness and infection, which we spoke about in our two previous articles; Coronavirus: Developing a Strategy to Win, and Cold and Flu Season: A Guide to Staying Well.

Vitamin C Supports the Immune System

Our philosophy is that in sickness, the body is making every attempt to get well. In healthy individuals, this often works, and sickness subsides. However, in many cases, the body is unable to get well - often due to a lack of resources or the severity of the infection. Resources, in this case, are the things the body needs to mount an immune response - vitamin C, for example, which aids in the production of white blood cells. Where you support the body and give it what it needs to mount an immune response, the body will often be able to rid itself of infection. The case of the 40 year old man suffering from COVID-19 and sepsis is a rather extreme example of this; however, it highlights the efficacy of this approach, and especially the role of vitamin C in the immune system.


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