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Bio-Zyme: The Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement in Australia

Bio-Zyme: The Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement in Australia

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are a group of proteins that help the body break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins from food. Their purpose is to break down food which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and aids digestion. Digestive enzymes are secreted by the salivary glands and cells lining the stomach, pancreas and small intestine.

Digestive Enzymes Supplement

While the body naturally secretes digestive enzymes, often, people will require additional digestive support. Some of the common symptoms experienced by those who may need digestive enzymes supplement are; bloating, excessive gas or diarrhoea. Lactose intolerance is a classic example of this - those who suffer from it are deficient in the lactase enzyme required to digest lactose.


The Benefits of a Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Digestive enzymes supplements can benefit health in the following ways:

  • Aiding digestion
  • Aiding nutrient absorption
  • Relieving symptoms of indigestion
  • Improving bowel function

While most tend to focus on the discomfort associated with indigestion, there is a more serious problem; the body is not receiving enough nutrients. This lack of nutrient intake can catalyse serious health problems as the body is left without the tools it needs to perform several essential functions such as creating energy, building connective tissue and maintaining a strong immune system. Outside of relieving the discomfort caused by indigestion, this is where a digestive enzymes supplement can be beneficial.

For instance, we regularly suggest to clients on our tailored health programs that they take our digestive enzymes supplement, Bio-Zyme, to ensure they can properly absorb protein and iron from their diet.

The Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement in Australia - Bio-Zyme

Bio-Zyme is our very own digestive enzymes supplement. It is made in Australia from all-natural plant-based enzymes, bromelain and papain, and also contains gentian, ginger, cinnamon and globe artichoke.

Bromelain and papain are protease enzymes - meaning they break proteins down into amino acids and thus behave similarly to digestive enzymes that are naturally secreted by the body. Bromelain is found in the fruit and stem of pineapples, while papain is found in papaya. Like all our supplements, Bio-Zyme is proudly made in Australia to the quality and safety standards for which Australia is renowned.


The Best Digestive Enzymes - Made From All Natural Ingredients

Unlike many other digestive enzyme supplements, Bio-Zyme has been made from only natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - making it one of the best digestive enzymes in Australia.

What Else Does Bio-Zyme Do?

Bio-Zyme is much more than just a digestive enzymes supplement, though. It also helps to; reduce inflammation, balance pH and support liver function.

Reducing Inflammation

Both bromelain and papain help to reduce inflammation. Studies suggest that they reduce swelling, bruising and pain and improve healing time - especially when taken before trauma (injury or surgery) occurs. By controlling inflammation, bromelain and papain can help to alleviate or improve illnesses associated with chronic inflammation, like arthritis.

Balancing pH

pH is a measure of acidity/alkalinity. The body is meant to be more alkaline than acidic. When the body is more acidic than alkaline, it is more susceptible to disease and is considered to be in a state of pH imbalance. pH imbalance is the product of a lack of oxygen transfer in the body, where the cells do not receive enough oxygen for energy production. This is often the result of insufficient protein absorption (whereby protein is critical in generating energy at the cellular level).

Because Bio-Zyme’s core function is to break down proteins and facilitate nutrient absorption, it can help promote a balanced pH.

Supporting Liver Function and Detox

Globe artichoke, gentian and ginger all support liver function, and because the liver is critical in the detoxification process, they also support detoxing.


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