Bio-Zyme: A Digestive Support Supplement

What's in Bio-Zyme & What Does it Do?

Bio-Zyme is a digestive support formula made from plant-based enzymes, bromelain, papain, gentian, ginger, cinnamon and globe artichoke. It aids the body in producing protease enzymes which help in breaking down protein into amino acids. This stimulates digestion - helping to break down food and get the nutrients it needs - and improves bowel function.

What's in Bio-Zyme?

Bio-Zyme is formulated from all natural ingredients. Click to discover what's in each Bio-Zyme capsule.






Globe Artichoke

The Benefits of Bio-Zyme

Bio-Zyme Benefits

Aiding Digestion

Bromelain (which is found in the fruit and stem of pineapples) and papain (which is found in papaya, are the two most common dietary sources of protease enzymes. Both bromelain and papain are known as ‘cysteine enzymes’ which aid digestion by breaking down proteins into amino acids. Amino acids are integral to numerous bodily functions including cell building, the building of connective tissue and the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. By breaking down proteins in this way, Bio-Zyme also aids proper bowel function.

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Bio-Zyme Benefits

Reducing Inflammation

Research suggests that bromelain and papain reduce inflammation, which aids in reducing swelling, bruising, pain and healing time. It is particularly beneficial when taken prior to a traumatic event like surgery or injury. Because both bromelain and papain reduce inflammation, they also help controlling the subclinical defect of chronic inflammation (which drives a multitude of illnesses and diseases and arthritis).

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Bio-Zyme Benefits

Reducing Acid Stress

Acid stress is one of the six subclinical defects - underpinning 80% of all diseases - and occurs where the body is more acidic than it is alkaline. It is indicative of a pH imbalance and is caused by cells not receiving enough oxygen for energy production. Critical to cells receiving oxygen and generating energy is protein absorption. Because Bio-Zyme’s unique formula works to break down protein, it also makes this protein more absorbable, which helps alleviate acid stress.

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Bio-Zyme Benefits

Supporting Liver Function

Globe artichoke, gentian and ginger (all of which are found in Bio-Zyme) are known to benefit liver function and because of this, they aid in detoxification.

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We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about our digestive enzymes supplement, Bio-Zyme.

Who Should Take Bio-Zyme?

Anyone who suffers from digestive issues, irregular bowel movements, chronic inflammation or acid stress may experience some benefit from taking Bio-Zyme.

How Should You Consume Bio-Zyme?

Orally, with water in between meals or before eating is the best way to take Bio-Zyme. It is important to note that both bromelain and papain seem to have greater therapeutic impact when administered orally (as opposed to intravenously).

What Is The Suggested Daily Dosage Of Bio-Zyme?

Adults should take 1 - 2 tablets three times daily, or advised by your healthcare professional. It is best taken between meals or prior to eating.

Can You Take Other Nutrition Diagnostics Supplements While Taking Bio-Zyme?

Yes, all Nutrition Diagnostics supplements are designed to be taken in tandem with one another. Unlike other generic supplements, whose vitamins and supplements may compete with one another - the effects of one counteracting the other - and create imbalances in body chemistry, Nutrition Diagnostics multivitamins and supplements are synergistic.