Back to Cooking Basics
Back to Cooking Basics

Back to Cooking Basics

Reveiw this short informative movie clip that gives an overview of the Back to Cooking Basics cookbook.


This is a cookbook written with the principles of whole foods firmly in mind. It focuses on recipes that assist in achieving optimal health. IT IS NOT A FEEL GOOD DESERT BOOK MASKING AS A HEALTH BOOK.

BACK TO COOKING BASICS uses foods in their natural state.

It avoids imitation foods like:

• Refined grains (white flour, etc.),

• Refined sugars (pasteurised honey, white sugar, brown sugar, confectionerʼs sugar, fructose, etc.),

• Processed cheeses (so called “cheese food”, cheeses made with vegetable oils, etc.),

• Low fat or skim dairy products (skim milk, low fat milk, ʻlightʼ butter, low fat cheeses, non fat or low fat yoghurts, etc.),

• Lean meats (skinless chicken or poultry products, beef or lamb with the fat trimmed off, etc.),

• Processed meats (various luncheon meats, hot dogs, etc.), imitation “meats” (soy protein powder, soy hot dogs, etc.),

• Unnatural fats (margarine, Olean, vegetable oils, canola oil, etc.) and processed foods, in general.

BACK TO COOKING BASICS will teach you a system of eating that can be modified for personal preference; it will teach you health promoting principles. It is a real practical cookbook for the whole family. You will need to focus on food groups that help you detoxify. If you have had your chemistries done and received your ʻA Prescription for Healthʼ  report you will be given dietary specifics, along with your other action plans to help you achieve the health you have always wanted. Your personal chemistry knows you better than any other single philosophy. Adopting a nutritional programme based on your unique biochemistry is a valuable adjunct to gaining and maintaining your health. This cookbook is your guide to helping you maintain and resist chronic degenerative disease.
Re-estabilishing the balance of your body chemistry will enhance your bodyʼs  ability to remove heavy metals and other toxins naturally.

The general dietary modifications suggested here are the most significant aspect of your Health Programme. Specific recommendations will be given in your ʻA Prescription for Healthʼ report along with an action programme that is based on your chemistry findings.
This cookbook is about how you can change your cooking habits and avoid the imitation foods that you find on your supermarket shelves:- processed cereals, and breads, margarine, canned milk, pasteurised milk, confectionary, whte flour and sugar.

What should you be eating?
Eat as organic as possible but not to the detriment of your family budget; otherwise eat whole good quality food. Keep fish intake minimal unless you have been advised to avoid it completely. This is because of the current problem of mercury contamination worldwide. Certainly never consume larger species of fish. Adjust the foods you consume according to your likes and dislikes, religious beliefs, food sensitivities and cultural background and more importantly  your unique biochemistries.

The Basic Diet – One Diet Does Not Work For All

No one knows for certain just what a balanced diet is and it is difficult to accurately determine just how much of any nutrient is present in the food we eat. What do you require as an individual to overcome any health challenges, infections and chronic toxicities? For this reason it is essential to analyse key blood and urine factors, a dental assessment, your dietary and lifestyle patterns before providing individual recommendations that come with ʻA Prescription for Healthʼ report. Keep this in mind as you read on. The general dietary recommendations, without knowing your specific health situation, will almost certainly improve your health to some degree but still may not be enough.

Nutrition based on your personal blood chemistry is a far-reaching subject. People are rarely on a diet that actually matches their needs.

There are lots of ideas on proper nutrition, as well as a lot of disagreement about which diet is best. The answer is that all of them are probably right – from some particular person.

The real bottom line of nutrition is what is best for you.

  • For those people that are undertaking a coaching programme, what makes Nutrition Diagnostics unique is that your programme has been tailored with your chemistries in mind.
  • We emphasise what you need to focus on so as to bring about homeostasis in your chemistries. We develop an eating plan for your needs to create a measurable change and not necessarily exactly from the Back to Cooking Basics cookbook.
  • What we do is let your chemistries guide us.
  • We follow where the truth leads us.

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We believe that the best results are achieved not by following trending diets or fads, but by following advice that has been tailored to you. Our tailored plans and programmes are designed to satisfy your own unique health needs - balancing your body chemistry and allowing you to achieve real, measurable and lasting results.