Is PerioMix a toothpaste substitute?

PerioMix can be used as a toothpaste substitute for daily brushing of teeth and gums, however, for gum health, it is best used as outlined above in conjunction with The Brushing Solution (which is a toothpaste substitute).

Can PerioMix be used by everyone?

PerioMix can be used by anyone and everyone. It is made from all natural ingredients and is free from fluoride and artificial ingredients. It is especially good for people who are currently or have previously suffered from gum disease, as it aids in healing and restoration. PerioMix is also beneficial in maintaining the gums in healthy individuals.

Where is PerioMix made and manufactured?

As with all Nutrition Diagnostics products, PerioMix is made and manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards.

What makes PerioMix better than regular toothpaste?

Unlike traditional toothpastes that contain harmful ingredients like fluoride and synthetic flavouring, PerioMix is made from all natural ingredients and is fluoride free! Additionally, PerioMix contains key ingredients designed to improve and maintain the health of gums. Gum disease affects 50% of the adult population, yet traditional toothpastes and other oral healthcare products do little towards restoring and maintaining the health of our gums.