How long until I can expect to see results?

The best way to answer this question is by asking yourself; how long have you been unwell. If you’ve been unwell for a lengthy period, would it be realistic to feel and look great in a matter of days, weeks or months? More often than not, things won’t change drastically overnight; however, we can expect to see biomarkers moving - indicating progression - in the early stages where clients adhere to our dietary, supplement and lifestyle advice.

Can you treat or cure mercury like it is a disease?

The short answer is no. Treating bacterial infection and curing foods to improve shelf life works in a different manner. Heavy metals need to be protein-bound, whether it be through red blood cells and escorted by a vehicle called fat (steroids) through the bowel. There are other routes, but the goal is to do it safely and slowly without altering anything that comes in its path.

Blood chemistry through a balancing body chemistry concept is critical to eliminate fat soluble heavy metals like mercury.

Do all mercury amalgams (silver fillings) leak?

Perhaps a better term would be vaporise. Mercury vaporises off the surface of amalgam fillings 24/7. Mercury also infuses into the pulp chamber of the tooth and enters the bloodstream. The interaction of 5 metals constantly keeps amalgam giving off mercury as well as copper and other corrosion products (16 of them). 

Chewing food is one major way that mercury is released by a thousand percent. It has several different routes in which it can enter the body. All are devastating. For more information, watch this video from Dr David Kennedy on mercury leaching.

How much mercury do I have, and can you get rid of it all?

This is tough. Cremation is about the only accurate method, but it really does not matter. You will never get it all out. The answer is to have mercury going out of the body just a few micrograms faster than it is coming in.

The ultimate goal is to control the balance between what is in storage compared to what is circulating. We are all exposed to mercury daily in air, food and water. We excrete it in sweat, urine and faeces. Maintaining the balance in favour of excretion than intake will keep you feeling good, and keep your chemistry looking good.

Does mercury from seafood cause neurological destruction?

When mercury binds to organic compounds, it will transform into a highly toxic form of mercury called methyl mercury. Recent studies have shown neurological interference in pregnant women, adults, children and babies due to Methyl mercury found within seafood.

Why is there so much focus on mercury?

Mercury knows no boundaries. It can be stored in the brain, liver, pancreas, kidneys, bone, blood, gut, nervous systems and other vital organs. As you focus on the elimination of mercury, you will improve your body's design to move all toxins.