Healthy Fibre Plus - For Better Digestion

What is Healthy Fibre Plus and What Does it Do?

Made in Australia with all natural ingredients, Healthy Fibre Plus is designed to increase dietary fibre and maintain bowel regularity. The easy-to-use and pleasant tasting sachets contain psyllium, flaxmeal, whey protein, slippery elm and L-Glutamine.

The Benefits

Source Of Fibre

Made with psyllium and flaxmeal - both high sources of fibre - Healthy Fibre Plus contains over 6g of fibre per serve, meaning it is great for those who require an uptake of dietary fibre. This uptake in fibre is especially beneficial for those who struggle to maintain bowel regularity.

The Benefits

Contains Probiotics

Probiotics are essential in maintaining the health of the digestive tract, and gut health in particular, as they balance the bacteria in your digestive system. Where there is an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, people often suffer from the consequences of poor digestion. By balancing the bacteria, the stomach lining can be restored, bowel motions improved and general health restored.

The Benefits

Promotes Bowel Health

Thanks to the high fibre content, Healthy Fibre Plus helps to regulate bowel movements and maintain bowel regularity. The probiotic contents within Healthy Fibre Plus also help to re-culture the bowel. This culminates in improved bowel health and may help to prevent bowel cancer.

The Benefits

Boosts Satiety

Fibre is filling and creates a sense of satiety in the stomach. Similarly, whey protein also boosts satiety - which is why protein shakes are often used to support a meal and prevent unnecessary snacking. Healthy Fibre Plus is both high in fibre and whey protein, which allows it to boost satiety - making it great for those looking to improve their health by losing weight and/or combat the effects of over-eating.

Discover the Benefits

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Increases Fibre Intake

Improves Bowel Regularity

Improves Gut Health

Balances Bacteria in the Gut

Boosts Satiety

Supports Detoxification

How to Use Healthy Fibre Plus

Using Healthy Fibre Plus is easy! Simply mix the contents of one sachet into a large glass of water and take 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to your evening meal. Stir well and drink straight away. Healthy Fibre Plus is flavoured with natural orange - making it pleasant tasting and easy to drink!

How Healthy Fibre Plus Helps With Detoxing

In the process of detoxification, toxins are commonly bound to red blood cells which are then escorted through cholesterol out of the bowels. If, during detoxification, bowel movements are irregular or hindered, the detoxification process fails. Toxins can be become absorbed anywhere in the body, particularly the kidneys, which can ultimately hinder blood pressure. This is why maintaining healthy bowel movements are so important to detoxification. Psyllium and Flaxmeal fibre both create roughage, while slippery elm acts as a mucilage to help bind to bile toxins (mercury and old cholesterol) to escort out of the bowel.


We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about our Healthy Fibre Plus.

Does Healthy Fibre Plus help alleviate constipation?

Yes. Due to the high fibre content, Healthy Fibre Plus is designed to prevent and alleviate constipation.

Does Healthy Fibre Plus help alleviate diarrhoea?

Healthy Fibre Plus has been made to balance the bacteria in the gut, and contains probiotics, both of which can aid in preventing and alleviating diarrhoea.

How should I store Healthy Fibre Plus?

Healthy Fibre Plus contains live cultures and is best kept refrigerated.

What is Healthy Fibre Plus made from?

Healthy Fibre Plus is made in Australia from all natural ingredients designed to support your digestive health. It contains psyllium, flaxmeal, whey protein, slippery elm and L-Glutamine. Importantly, Healthy Fibre Plus is sugar free and contains no artificial ingredients.