Gold Ketone Power - A Superior MCT Oil

The Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT’s and MCT oils are important to health as when you successfully use fat as your primary energy source - instead of glucose derived from carbohydrates - fats are a burned and create ‘ketones’. Ketones are the preferred fuel of the mitochondria (which is the engine of the cell), and they burn more cleanly - producing far fewer free radicals than glucose from carbohydrates. Long story short, using fat as the body’s primary energy source is better for your health as it produces far fewer free radicals. Herein lies the benefits of our Gold Ketone Power MCT oil.

About Gold Ketone Power MCT Oil

What is MCT oil good for and what are the benefits you can expect from Gold Ketone Power MCT Oil? Click the plus icons for more!

All Natural Ingredients

100% Coconut MCT Oil

Predominantly C8 MCT Oil

Promotes Ketosis

Fuels the Mitochondria

TamaFlax is Anti-Inflammatory

What is Gold Ketone Power MCT Oil & What Makes it Special?

Gold Ketone Power is a high octane, high strength MCT oil made from coconut oil. Unlike other MCT oils, Gold Ketone Power also contains TamaFlex - a blend of concentrated, ultra-potent, highly absorbable tamarind seed extract and curcumin - which is designed specifically to reduce chronic and acute inflammation.

High Strength MCT Oil

C8 MCT Oil

There are four different types of MCT’s; C6, C8, C10 and C12. MCT oils are usually made from C8, C10, or a combination of both. C8 (caprylic acid) is preferable as it converts to ketones far more rapidly than C10, and is easier on the digestive system. This is why Nutrition Diagnostics Gold Ketone Power high strength MCT oil has been made predominantly with C8.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Tamaflex To Reduce Inflammation

TamaFlex is a new blend of concentrated, ultra-potent, highly absorbable tamarind seed extract and curcumin - the active anti-inflammatory ingredient found within the turmeric root. Tamaflex’s technology targets the COX-2 enzyme and the newly found 5-LOX enzyme for fast-acting and long-lasting natural pain relief. Gold Ketone Power is one of the few supplements in the world to use this revolutionary anti-inflammatory ingredient!

100% Natural

Naturally Extracted

Gold Ketone Power MCT oil is naturally extracted via hydraulic pressure - ensuring no chemicals are used at any point in production. TamaFlex is also extracted via a closed loop system to ensure it is cleaner, more potent and more efficiently absorbed by the body.

Supports Ketosis

Produces Usable Ketones

MCT’s (medium-chain-triglycerides) are a type of fat. They are shorter in length that LCT’s (long-chain-triglycerides), and because of this, they are more easily digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. Unlike other fats, MCT’s do not require bile acids for digestion. Instead, they bypass the normal digestive process and travel directly to the liver, where they are metabolised much more efficiently - providing energy quicker and improving the production of ketones - the preferred source of energy for the mitochondria (the cell's engine).

What is TamaFlex & Why is it Good For You?

Tamarind and curcumin are both fat-soluble. By delivering them in conjunction with MCT oil - which bypasses the normal digestive process and travels directly to the liver - it allows them to be absorbed far more efficiently by the body than any other turmeric product or supplement. This ultimately enables users to unlock greater anti-inflammatory benefits than they would with regular turmeric products.


Curcumin is the active anti-inflammatory ingredient found within the turmeric root. The unique way in which the cur cumin is extracted and delivered in combination with the tamarind seed make it far more potent and effective than if turmeric was simply combined with MCT oil.

Tamarind Seed

The polyphenols in tamarins seed are well known for their antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Tamarind is also nutrient dense and a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. Tamarind seed oil enhances the benefits of turmeric.

How to Use Gold Ketone Power

Gold Ketone Power is completely odourless and tasteless and because it is high in fat, it enhances the flavours you mix it with it. There are many different ways to take Gold Ketone Power MCT oil. You can take by itself, mix with food or drinks, or use it in some of our signature recipes. We suggest you start with 10mL servings and work your way up to 30mLs per day.

How to Use Our MCT Oil

As a Salad Dressing

For our simple salad dressing, you’ll need 50mLs of Gold Ketone Power, 50 mLs of olive oil, 1 pinch of salt, 5 grams of dijon mustard and 40mL of apple cider vinegar. First, mix the apple cider vinegar and mustard in a bowl. Next, slowly add the Gold Ketone Power and olive oil until it is well blended. Finally, season with salt. You can add pepper and any herbs of your choice if desired!

How to Use Our MCT Oil

In Our 'Clints Drink'

Our signature Clint’s Drink is high in protein and fat, and is perfect for those seeking to lose weight and are looking for a satisfying, nutritionally rich meal replacement. To make our Clint’s Drink, you’ll need; 2 eggs, 100 mLs of coconut cream, 20 mLs of Gold Ketone Power MCT oil, 50 grams of berries (fresh or frozen) and 30 grams of our Bio Whey protein powder. Simply place all ingredients into a blender and mix.

How to Use Our MCT Oil

With Food & Drinks

Gold Ketone Power can be added to food as a dressing or blended with beverages like smoothies and coffees. Gold Ketone Power is tasteless, so it does not interfere with flavour - it simply adds to nutritional value.

How to Use Our MCT Oil

With Coffee

Many people enjoy adding Gold Ketone Power MCT oil to a black coffee with a knob of butter. The butter is added for additional texture, taste and fat in their diet. As Gold Ketone Power is tasteless, it does not interfere with the coffee - it simply enriches its nutritional value by upping the fat content.


We answer some of your most commonly asked questions about our MCT oil, Gold Ketone Power.

Is Mct oil good for the brain?

Yes, Gold Ketone Power MCT oil is good for the brain. 100% coconut high octane MCT oil is water soluble, allowing it to cross your blood-brain barrier to provide your brain tissue with fuel, unlike other types of fat.

What makes Gold Ketone Power better than other MCT oil products?

Gold Ketone Power is of superior quality to other MCT oils products on the market. It is made from a high quality C8 MCT oil - which means it is converted into ketones more rapidly and more efficiently absorbed by the body than other MCT oil products using predominantly C10 MCT oil. Gold Ketone Power also contains TamaFlex - making it the only MCT oil of its kind - which combats chronic and acute inflammation, and delivers important vitamins and minerals.

Does Gold Ketone Power help to lose weight?

Gold Ketone Power can assist with weight loss. When the body uses fat as its primary source of energy, it produces ‘ketones’, which are known to assist with burning fat and calories. Using Gold Ketone Power MCT oil in conjunction with a properly formulated diet will yield the best results. To learn more about our tailored diets and health programs, click here.

What time of day should I take Gold Ketone Power?

Gold Ketone Power MCT oil can be taken at any time of the day. While it is designed to produce energy and fuel the mitochondria, it will not keep you awake at night - it will simply be converted into ketones which will benefit you as you sleep.

Will Gold Ketone Power upset my stomach?

If you are not used to regularly taking MCT oil, there is a chance that you may experience an upset stomach during the early stages. For this reason, we suggest starting with 10mL per day and working your way up 30 mL per day.

Is Gold Ketone Power made from all natural ingredients?

Yes, Gold Ketone Power is made from 100% coconut MCT oil and TamaFlex - an all natural blend of tamarind seed extract and curcumin. Not only are all ingredients natural, but they are extracted safely without chemicals.