Formula 3

Who should take Formula 3?

As it is designed to strengthen red blood cells and bolster iron stores, Formula 3 multivitamin can be especially beneficial for those suffering from iron deficiency or anaemia. However, as it also supports a number of integral bodily functions at a cellular level, all adults may benefit from taking the Formula 3 multivitamin supplement.

How Should you take Formula 3?

Formula 3 is a tablet and is designed to be taken orally with water.

What is the suggested daily dosage of Formula 3?

The recommended dosage for adults is one tablet per day, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Can I take other Nutrition Diagnostics supplements while taking Formula 3?

Yes, all Nutrition Diagnostics supplements are designed to be taken in tandem with one another. Unlike other generic supplements, whose vitamins and supplements may compete with one another - the effects of one counteracting the other - and create imbalances in body chemistry, Nutrition Diagnostics multivitamins and supplements are synergistic.