Can you just remove an infected tooth, an infected root canal or infected implants without a coaching program?

"You have to find out what the target is before you pull the trigger. If you just take the infected tooth out and do nothing more, by actual measurement, 63% of those people end up with another autoimmune disease they did not have before they had it removed. There is a way to do it right, and there are ways to do it wrong." - The late Dr. Hal Huggins.

You want an approach that goes beyond the symptom and straight to the root cause, by developing a strategy that goes beyond the teeth. The blood chemistry will tell you what you need to do to stimulate healing. Just getting rid of the enemy does not restore the nervous system, brain, heart and your immunity.

What is Total Dental Revision?

Total Dental Revision is the most important intervention for the vast majority of clients at Eric Davis Dental. For many people, dental toxins represent the greatest daily exposure to toxicity.  This toxin exposure seems to be the greatest cause and aggravator of nearly all degenerative diseases, especially cancer. Mercury, incompatible dental metals, cavitations, dental implants, periodontal disease, and root canals must all be vigorously addressed.

Many patients can expect little long-term improvement even if they can get their immune systems effectively stimulated as long as the continuous exposure to unaddressed dental toxicity continues to compromise and weaken their regulation system on a daily basis. We are dedicated to getting consistently positive clinical results that do not presently appear to be available anywhere else.