2010 - 2019


Daniel Davis graduates from the University of Queensland with a Degree in Dentistry.

Eric again delivers lectures to health professionals in Brisbane on 'Advanced Free Radical Therapy - The Forensic Approach' in Brisbane Australia.


After graduating with a bachelor of Health Science and Nutrition, Owen becomes more involved in Nutrition Diagnostics.

Daniel, Owen and Sue Davis fly to the United States to learn more from Eric's mentor, Dr Hal Huggins.


Eric delivers a lecture at the 2012 'Low Carb Down Under Tour' from the perspective of oral health and balancing body chemistry.


Eric lectures at a two-day seminar for our family friends at BioConcepts, 'The Integrative Oncology Workshop - The New Millennium of Cancer & Nutritional Education', on the associated hazards of mercury, dental toxins, body chemistry, diet and recovery.

'Day 1 - Lecture'

'Day 2 - Lecture Q and A'


Nutrition Diagnostics collaborates with Central Queensland University to research and further develop the 'Nutrition Diagnostics Dietary Intelligence System'.


Nutrition Diagnostics and our Synergy K2 product feature on 'Channel 9 News'.

In October, Eric Davis lectures at the 'Integria Healthcare Symposium' in Sydney - delivering insights to health professionals on the links between chronic disease and the mouth - 'A Mouth Full of Evidence - What Happens in your Mouth Does Not Stay in Your Mouth'.


Nutrition Diagnostics launches a new website with a focus on connecting people the world over to the philosophy of health model thinking.