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The Oral Systemic Link

The Oral Systemic Link

What is the Oral Systemic Link?

The oral systemic link is the connection between oral health and total body health. It acknowledges the links between poor diet, dentistry and disease - suggesting that the earliest signs of disease are evident in the mouth: " A mouth full of evidence"

While the concept of the oral systemic link has been known since the early 1900s, it is highlighted particularly well in a 2013 study that looked at patients who suffered from a stroke or heart attack and then conducted PCR (polymerase chain reaction) DNA testing on the bacteria that caused the clots. In every case, it was shown that the clot-causing bacteria was derived from oral sources.

The Oral Systemic Link Understood Through Mercury Amalgam Fillings

Similarly, mercury amalgam fillings may start in the mouth; however, as mercury vapour is released, it often enters other parts of the body and creates physical or mental disturbances. In fact, a study conducted in 1989 on sheep and monkeys, showed that the animals still harboured a toxic load even 29 days after having their amalgams removed.



The Oral Cavity is the Perfect Entry Point for Disease

The oral cavity provides the perfect entry point for bacteria and viruses and their toxins to make their way into the bloodstream or the neurological system - meaning the links between diet, dentistry and disease are irrefutable. Despite the glaring evidence of the oral systemic link, though, few practitioners acknowledge the oral systemic link, and it continues to affect the lives and health of many.


Learn More About the Oral Systemic Link

Nutrition Diagnostics Founder, Dr Eric Davis (Dentist), presented at the 2017 Integria Health Symposium on the topic of the oral systemic link. You can watch the full video of Dr Davis’ presentation below.


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