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The Body is Designed to Win

The Body is Designed to Win

The body is designed to win. Any action the body takes is a response to accommodate survival. It is the body's way of trying to get well. So instead of asking ‘how’ do I treat my specific symptoms, we should be asking ‘why’ are they occurring in the first place. Only by understanding why, can we achieve and measure health.

Cholesterol is One Example

Let’s take cholesterol for example. If you look at high cholesterol in isolation, you may incorrectly assume or be directed by a health professional to either take medication or engage in an ‘avoidance diet’ (avoiding red meat or saturated fat for example). However, by following this school of thought, you miss crucial links. We know that in pregnancy, cholesterol will rise. In the presence of an infection, cholesterol will rise. When dealing with mercury, cholesterol will rise. If you drink a solvent like alcohol, it can rise. It will rise when insulin levels are also elevated. It’s the body's best attempt at getting well, so we want to know ‘why’ the body is doing this.

Arthritis is Another Example

Another one is arthritis. Why is arthritis occurring? Often arthritis will coincide with a low protein state, chronic inflammation and sometimes a hidden dental infection. When the body doesn’t get enough protein, it will be forced to use calcium as a failed attempt to heal and build connective tissue - think of it like scar tissue. This failed attempt at repair results in calcium deposits in the joints, which perpetuates rheumatoid arthritis. So if we can support the body by boosting its protein state and by shutting down inflammation, the body will have an opportunity to build connective tissue, and we may reduce or even reverse the effects of arthritis.

To Treat Something, You Must Know What is Causing it

Once we understand why something is occurring, we can then go about correcting it properly. By applying the right nutrients, we can support the body's intended design instead of dictating to it with drugs and irreversible procedures.

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