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The Best Soy Free Protein Powder - Bio Whey

The Best Soy Free Protein Powder - Bio Whey

Why Choose Soy Free Protein Powder?

Soy is widely touted as a ‘health food’. The reality, however, is that soy is harmful to health. In fact, soy is known to cause the following health issues:

  • Decrease or block the absorption of minerals (especially iron)
  • Disrupt the endocrine system - hindering hormone function
  • Contribute to hyperthyroidism
  • Hinder the immune system
  • Effect sexual reproductive development
  • Hinder neurological function
  • Create allergic reactions

When you consider how harmful soy is to health, soy free protein powder becomes an obvious choice. Aside from the risks associated with soy, there are other benefits to using soy free protein powder.


Benefits of Soy Free Protein Powder

People typically use protein powder to achieve one of two objectives; muscle gain or weight loss. Soy free protein powder is better in both instances. This is largely because soy inhibits the absorption of protein and iron, which are critically important in building muscle and weight loss.

Soy Free Protein Powder is Better for Building Muscle

Soy free protein powder is more effective for building muscle. According to the Weston Price Foundation, “Studies have shown that soy protein is less effective for bodybuilders than whey protein because its amino acids are more likely to go into splanchnic circulation (stomach, small intestines, colon, liver, pancreas and spleen) than into peripheral regions such as muscle tissues. This makes sense because whey protein provides greater amounts of the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine, as well as more methionine and lysine, all of which are critically needed for muscle building”.

The article goes on to say that “Researchers have also found the low BCAA (branch chain amino acid) content of soy protein adversely affects muscle building by disrupting both leucine signalling and the activation of myogenic translation initiation factors”. When you take this into account, it becomes clear that soy free whey protein is much better for building muscle than other forms of protein powder.


Soy Free Protein Powder is Better for Weight Loss

As well as being better for muscle gain, soy free protein powder is also better for weight loss. This is because soy is known to cause hypothyroidism. One of the primary symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain (commonly experienced with fatigue, lethargy and malaise).

Soy further perpetuates hypothyroidism and weight gain as it is high in isoflavones - a type of plant oestrogen known as phytoestrogens. The Weston Price Foundation notes of phytoestrogens, “Although not identical to human oestrogens, they are close enough to confuse the body and interfere with the production and utilisation of all hormones”. This type of hormone disruption creates difficulty for the body to regulate fat storage and fat burning - ultimately leading to weight gain.

Best Soy Free Protein Powder

When you consider all of this, it becomes clear that soy free protein powder is far superior to soy protein. But it begs the question, what is the best soy free whey protein powder? The answer is our very own Bio Whey.


Bio Whey: a Soy Free Whey Protein Concentrate

Made from high quality, 100% natural whey protein concentrate, Bio Whey is free from soy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives. Unlike most protein supplements on the market, it features only natural ingredients, which ensures it is better for your health.

Whey Protein That’s Soy Free: Why Whey?

Whey protein powder is made from milk, which contains two proteins; casein and whey. Casein accounts for 80% of the protein, while whey accounts for only 20%. Whey is superior to casein as it is a ‘complete protein’ that contains all nine essential amino acids - which makes it better for absorption and muscle growth.

Due to its higher quality, whey protein powder is typically more expensive to manufacture than protein made from casein or soy. Ultimately, our soy free whey protein powder is of higher quality than those made with casein or soy.

Learn More About Our Soy Free Protein Powder

To learn more about Bio Whey - our soy free whey protein powder - and its many health benefits, click here.


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