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Disease Doesn't Just Happen Overnight

Disease Doesn't Just Happen Overnight

‘Things don’t just happen overnight’. It’s a comforting thought - one that’s often used to give us a sense of reality and purpose on our journey from point A to point B - from overweight to perfect weight, from skinny to muscly, from weak to strong. The saying ‘things don’t just happen overnight’ holds largely positive connotations. It reminds us that in order for change to occur, we must work for it.

Disease Isn’t Bad Luck

But, just as weight loss isn’t the product of luck, disease isn’t the product of bad luck. Disease doesn’t just occur at random - it doesn’t just develop overnight - it is the product of its environment and the inputs into that environment. Just as weight loss is always preceded by a period of healthy eating and exercise, disease is preceded by the presence of at least one of the 6 subclinical defects.

Low Iron Linked With Disease

One of the most common issues we identify in our clients is a low iron status. Low iron status affects our ability to carry oxygen. When this happens, our bodies shift from their normal ‘alkaline’ state to an acidic state. A low iron status will definitely lead to the onset of one of the six subclinical defects - most likely PH imbalance. PH imbalance - or acid stress as it is sometimes referred to - is one of the six subclinical defects which we know is linked to 80% of all disease…

The Root Cause of Disease

So any subsequent disease won’t be a product of bad luck, but rather, can be traced back to an enduring poor iron status, which in itself, is the product of a poor diet, or a diet that was not suited to your nutritional requirements. This is why health model thinking provides a philosophy that stands the test of time - because it addresses the six subclinical defects - the roots of disease. It is not bound to a social or political agenda as many other trending diets and health fads are, but rather, is rooted in science and logic.

Learn more about the six subclinical defects here.

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