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COVID-19: Supplements to Take to Strengthen the Immune System

COVID-19: Supplements to Take to Strengthen the Immune System

While it has always been very important to be proactive in preserving your health and supporting your immune system, current events surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak have led individuals to question what they can do to protect themselves and their families in enduring this time.

Vitamins and Supplements to Boost Immunity

Our previous article spoke of some details around coronavirus; however, we felt it prudent to give some practical solutions and recipes designed to aid immunity and fortify health. While Nutrition Diagnostics advocates for prescribing supplementation based on your individual requirements as determined by body chemistry, there are supplements that everyone can take to assist with anti-viral protection.

Bio Vitamin C

Vitamin C’s primary function is to encourage the production of white blood cells, which, is the immune system's primary defence mechanism against viruses. Low levels of vitamin C - especially in the instance of a virus - tend to be linked to poor health outcomes. Vitamin C can be obtained from food. However, in times that require a significant uptake, we suggest supplementation. Our Bio Vitamin C provides antioxidant support and also contains lysine, proline and glycine to help maintain a healthy immune system.

Using our Bio Vitamin C, you can make our signature energy drink - find the recipe below!


Bio-Omega 3-6-9

Bio Omega 3-6-9 provides anti-inflammatory support as well as that for heart, brain, eye and immune health. Omega 3 essential fatty acids (specifically EPA and DHA) are important structural components of cell membranes and therefore aid in the maintenance of healthy cells that can better defend themselves against viruses.


Some Practical Solutions

Colds, flu and viruses can hit us when the immune system has been challenged. This usually happens when we have; stressed the body (extra physical activity), inadequate sleep, slipped on nutrition or been in contact with people who are sick. To this end, always remember the tips below when you have a cold or flu:

  • Introduce the energy drink into your day (see recipe below)
  • Suck on 2 x L Glutathione with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 3-5 days
  • Maintain your oral protocol and gargle with Periomix
  • Make chicken broth soup
  • Be very mindful of excess carbohydrates
  • Avoid sugars
  • Apply hygiene practices – washing hands with soap, avoiding public venues if unwell, etc
  • Use nasal spray if required (see recipe below)

Nutrition Diagnostics Energy Drink

Using our Bio Vitamin C, you can make our signature energy drink.

  • 1 litre filtered water
  • 3 heaped teaspoons of Nutrition Diagnostics Bio Vitamin C
  • 20 mls (4 teaspoons) of lemon juice
  • 10 mls (2 teaspoons) of lime juice
  • 5 mls (1 teaspoon) of unfiltered apple cider vinegar – organic, raw, naturally fermented



Nutrition Diagnostics Nasal Spray

Into a glass with 80ml of filtered or boiled water add:

  • 1/2 tsp Periomix
  • Contents of 1 capsule reduced L-Glutathione
  • Mix well
  • Pour half of the mixture into a nasal spray bottle
  • Use this to spray into each nostril 3-4 times, inhaling into your nose
  • Repeat; use 2, or more, times per day

You can drop down to using this nasal spray once per day until symptoms are gone. You may spray this into the back of your throat as well.

You will need to make this fresh daily by following the above procedure. Discard the unused portion in the sprayer at the end of each day and rinse out the sprayer.


Other Immune Boosting Supplements

To explore more supplements designed to naturally boost immunity, look here.

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