Nutrition Diagnostics - Detoxification

Detoxification The Cleansing Process

The body becomes toxic from a number of sources. Air pollution, dental amalgam fillings, hidden or otherwise obvious dental infection, ‘sick’ air conditioning in commercial buildings, EMF's, man-made chemicals in our food, water, prescription drugs, synthetic fabrics, plastics and pesticides to list a few.

Those toxins gradually build up in our system over time and contribute to poor health, malnutrition, chronic inflammation, and the potential to damage the nervous system and immune system.

In many cases, you can’t ‘put your finger’ on what is making you feel lethargic, unwell and less than mentally sharp. Toxicity affects you at a deep cellular level.

Now, the human body is designed to rid itself of toxins. And with low levels of toxicity, this occurs naturally. However, with the out- of-control increase in chemicals in our foods, medicines and our environment, we are under siege ... being overloaded with toxins. The body can’t cope.

This is why, when you first sit with the Nutrition Diagnostics team, you’ll see that we put so much focus on your personal body chemistry. We need to develop a plan for you, for your individual circumstances, to begin the detoxification cleansing process.

Now as you might expect, there’s no ‘instant’ results in detoxifying your body. In the same way that deteriorating health and weight gain are gradual, so too is the cleansing process. It is a journey. But actually, once your body gets used to ridding itself of toxins, it is an enjoyable journey back to health and perfect body weight ...

The very first step in our detoxification process entails informing you about the foods that bring health and vitality to your body, and helping you adjust your long term eating patterns.

Your Nutrition Diagnostics Program for Lifelong Health
will include sessions in our state-of-the-art Far Infra Red Sauna,
Floatation Facility and Exercise Studio.

Now that may sound like we’ll be pampering you! And yes, you’ll find using the sauna, floatation facilities and gym room to be a most pleasant treat. It’s luxuriously relaxing. But, pampering as it may feel, it’s not simply just to spoil you.

You see, each of these state-of-the-art facilities plays a vital role in the detoxification process. Each plays a key part in gently releasing toxins from your body, and freeing you up to achieve your chemical balance.

Indeed, the more you learn about this, the more you’ll realize the follies of the past in chasing long term weight management with popular starvation diets, gym workouts and drugs.

These may work in varying degrees for short periods, but they don’t take into account your body chemistry. So they simply can’t deliver long term results.