Nutrition Diagnostics - Body Chemistry Program

Do you want to Resolve Health Issues and Achieve Optimal Health?

Your personal body chemistry delivers a roadmap to success! 

Your body and your health are totally unique to you. This is why generic health and nutrition advice so often fails to deliver results; because it is impossible to take into consideration your exact needs. This is the Nutrition Diagnostic difference; that we tailor our programs specifically to you and your health challenges, and because of this, we're able to achieve real and measurable results!

Why We Analyse Your Body Chemistry

Most physiological processes are the results of chemical changes that occur within the body. These chemical changes are what influences our health. This is what we call 'body chemistry'. We develop an accurate picture of your health by assessing toxic footprints, immune health, metabolic markers and your protein and iron status.





A 360 View of Your Health: What Your Body Chemistry Says About You

Your toxic footprints, immune health, metabolic markers, protein and iron status, paint a complete and accurate picture of your health. They tell us 'WHY' we feel the way we do - they highlights 'WHY' we are expressing certain symptoms. But most importantly, they highlight 'HOW' to get well. Your body chemistry provides a roadmap to health.

Tailored to Your Health Needs

Based on your body chemistry, we tailor a health plan to your specific health needs and challenges. This is called your Prescription for Health Report. It encompasses three aspects; diet, supplements and lifestyle and is designed to promote a process of bio-transformation, where your body moves to a balanced and healthy state. 


Nutrition is the cornerstone of health. Our programs concentrate on an uptake in the nutrients required to support key body systems and balance chemistry.


Supplements correct mineral deficiencies, aid in the removal of toxins and support key body systems. We calibrate your supplement plan to restore balance.


Lifestyle is intertwined with health. We focus on lifestyle adjustments to ensure our programs become a lifelong way of living - making health sustainable and enjoyable.


The Nutrition Diagnostics dietary intelligence system is a sophisticated software that calculates the exact breakdown of nutrients your body needs, your optimal calorie intake, your protein efficiency ratio and your utilisable protein amount. Based on this information, it develops your personalised eating plan. It can even take into account foods and flavours you dislike, as well as allergies.

Your Very Own Health Coach

Throughout the Nutrition Diagnostics program, you will enjoy one-on-one sessions with one of our expert nutritionists. Based on your body chemistry, they will develop actionable protocols for you to follow, they will track and measure changes in your body chemistry, they will manage your milestones to ensure success and will adjust these goals and protocols as your health changes.  





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