Gold Ketone Power: High Octane MCT oil with Curcumin + Tamarind

Gold Ketone Power: High Octane MCT oil with Curcumin + Tamarind - Click to enlarge picture.
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Product Description:

Gold Ketone Power 

A Powerful Combination of Two Novel Plant Extracts Help Balance Chronic and Acute Inflammation blended with 100% Coconut High Octane MCT oil for clean energy and to facilitate absorption, delivery and bioavailability

TAMAFLEX, is a novel proprietary composition containing extracts derived from Tamarindus indica seed and Curcuma longa rhizome : a powerful combination of two novel plant extracts that help balance acute and chronic inflammation. The ingredients of the composition have been used traditionally for a long time and widely consumed. Since curcumin and tamarind is fat soluble, delivering it with a fat source, a healthy oil, makes it fully bioavailable to your body - giving you access to all of those health benefits.
When Curcumin and Tamarind can be fully absorbed, the benefits are even greater than previously believed...

Key Features and Benefits:

Quality of life with an active-adult population demands joint comfort, flexibility and motion. However, current treatment options for joint discomfort are limited, not designed for long-term use, are fraught with side effects, and do not help restore healthy joints.

This product will be amazing for joints and musculoskeletal issue not to mention across the board reduction of chronic inflammation without side effects…….
And the generation of clean energy……

Inflammation, as we all know by now, is at the root of most if not All chronic degenerative diseases, Toxicities and Connective Tissue break down.… And there doesn’t seem to be any better natural ingredient that does such a good job on inflammation as curcumin. Curcumin: the active plant pigment of turmeric and Tamarind Seed extract. Showing benefits in supporting:   Antioxidant mechanisms, Normal anti-inflammatory effects, Protection from the effects of aging (especially within the brain) and a multitude of other health promoting actions.

Combining this with 100% coconut high octane MCT oil delivers the perfect vehicle for energy and the production of utilisable Ketones.

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, have become especially popular as the word spreads about the many benefits of nutritional ketosis, or when you successfully use fat as your primary fuel instead of glucose from carbohydrates. This burning of high-quality fats produces ketones.

Ketones are the ideal fuel for your mitochondria because they burn cleanly and produce far fewer damaging free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS), compared to glucose from carbohydrates.

100% coconut High Octane MCT oil is particularly valuable for creating ketones and maintaining nutritional ketosis:

  • 100% coconut high octane MCT oil bypass’s normal digestive processes, diffuse across your intestinal membrane and go directly to your liver to be used as a clean-burning fuel for your entire body and brain
  • 100% coconut high octane MCT oil is a great way to get extra fat, and because it is completely odourless and tasteless, and actually enhances flavor, you can add it to foods and beverages.
  • Because of their rapid conversion to energy, 100% coconut high octane MCT oil is an ideal way to help squelch hunger pangs, and boost satiety and satisfaction on a controlled carbohydrate diet

Something many people don’t realize about MCTs is the fact that there are many different kinds, depending on their chemical structure or carbon length. Shorter-chained MCTs are more readily converted into ketones.

Most commercial brands of MCT oil are usually 50/50 combinations of C8 and C10 fats. Some contain very little C8 as it is the most expensive MCT fat and is relatively hard to find. 100% coconut high octane MCT oil predominantly C8 (Caprylic acid) is preferable, as it converts to ketones far more rapidly than do C10, C14 fats, and may be easier on your digestion.

100% coconut high octane MCT oil predominantly C8 (Caprylic acid)  are water soluble and cross your blood-brain barrier to provide your brain tissue with fuel, unlike other types of fat.*

Gold Ketone Power  is up to 80% Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT Oil (the other 20% is C10) and:

  • Contains no trans fatty acids
  • Contains NO genetically engineered ingredients
  • Contains Tamaflex - a superior blend of Turmeric and Tamarind

Find out for yourself why C8 MCT Oil is becoming one the fastest growing trends for health and well-being. Start with 10 mls of Gold Ketone Power and work up to 30 mls a day. Or add to food or beverages (many people enjoy adding it to salads or smoothies or blending it into their Organic black coffee with a pat of organic butter).

Additional Information

Bottle Size: 500ml
Recommended Dosage: Adults – 100% Coconut High Octane MCT Oil with 8.5mg/Tamaflex per ml = 250mg over 3 x 10ml doses or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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