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Nutrition Diagnostics supplements were formulated by watching human chemistries versus dosages such that corrections are more predictable. This line of products offers multiple routes of absorption for each mineral, and is designed to correct the underlying fundamental defects, including detoxification, blood glucose regulation, and cell membrane function. The body, therefore, has different routes of absorption from which to choose. This is critical as many people have difficulty with digestion and metabolism, not only with food but with supplements as well.

They are products you can trust.

Our other on site inventories have been carefully chosen for effectiveness and safety and are guaranteed to contain the purest and most natural ingredients on the market.

Storing and caring for your supplements.
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Back To Cooking Basics. How to Gain and Maintain Your Health by Nutrition Diagnostics. This is a cookbook written with the principles of whole foods firmly in mind. It focuses on recipes that assist in achieving optimal health. BACK TO COOKING BASICS uses foods in their natural state. BACK TO COOKING BASICS will teach you a system of eating that can be modified for personal preference; it will teach you health promoting principles. This cookbook is about how you can change your cooking habits and avoid the imitation foods that you find on your supermarket shelves:- processed cereals, and breads, margarine, canned milk, pasteurised milk, confectionary, white flour and sugar. The general dietary recommendations, without knowing your specific health situation, will almost certainly improve your health to some degree but still may not be enough.
Dental & Oral Care Dental & Oral Care
Products that can assist Oral Health and thus Total Health.

Mouthful of Evidence…..

The persistence and/or severity of periodontal disease is the strongest predictor of the presence and extent of advanced arterial disease of any risk factor yet identified.
The presence of periodontal disease before age 50 is the strongest predictor of mortality (no matter what the cause).
Periodontal disease and chronic dental infection are associated with a doubled risk for heart attack
Matilla, K.J., et. al., British Medical Journal, 298:779-781, 1989.
Functional Foods Functional Foods
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," espoused by Hippocrates nearly 2,500 years ago, is receiving renewed interest. Functional foods containing physiologically-active components, either from plant or animal sources, may enhance health. It should be stressed, however, that functional foods are not a magic bullet or universal panacea for poor health habits. There are no "good" or "bad" foods, but there are good or bad diets. Emphasis must be placed on over-all dietary pattern. Moreover, diet is only one component of an overall lifestyle that can have an impact on health; other components include smoking, physical activity, alcohol, and stress. Functional foods have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition; promoting optimal health and helping reduce the risk of disease.
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In addition to Nutrition Diagnostics core products, our other on site inventories have been carefully chosen as well for effectiveness and safety and also contain the purest and most natural ingredients on the market. Primarily we're interested in what works- which supplements give the best results. Brands are chosen for purity, lack of harmful additives and effectiveness.