Do you consult with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) clients?

At Nutrition Diagnostics, we work hard to support the immune system so as to optimise your chance for rebuilding the immune system whilst being medically managed by your oncologist. This differs from traditional nutritional and disease based model thinking, in that medicine assists you by treating disease or symptoms. We do not have a license to treat, and do not get into the disease based model. Rather, we assess where you are, through chemistry, and then develop a strategy to support your body in its effort to get well and stay well.

We have dealt with CLL from the immune aspect, and have been successful first and foremost at improving resistance against bacteria, yeast and viruses. This is very important for longevity, as CLL tends to weaken resistance against a wide variety of common microbes. Once this has been considered, then we begin to exploring possible initiations that may have manifested CLL, which include looking for mitochondrial dysfunction from pesticides, heavy metals, dentistry, life style factors and diet.

Immobilising a toxin has been shown to be useful in turning a situation around, but may also make a condition worse temporarily, by dragging the toxin out of its hiding place into the bloodstream. Removing a poison from the mouth or a particular part of the body does not remove the stored toxins and past accumulated toxins you may have. From our experience it is never wise to be brash and force detoxification.

The blood chemistry will tell you what you need to do to stimulate healing. Just getting rid of the enemy does not restore the nervous system, brain, heart and your immunity. We recommend to be medically evaluated and under the care of oncologist/ haematologist whilst undergoing a program at Nutrition Diagnostics.  Bad Bugs  Do Not Rush Into Dentistry  The Cause of Your Condition might be here Where Doctors Don't Look  Dr. Thomas Levy Dead Teeth and Heart Disease