Nutrition Diagnostics - Biological Dentistry


Biological Dentistry

Working in conjunction with Eric Davis Dental, Nutrition Diagnostics specialises in nutritional coaching to support safe biological dentistry. Our goal is to optimise the health of the client with advice and action through three basic approaches:

  1. Minimisation of the daily exposure to new toxins.
  2. Optimally safe detoxification of already accumulated toxins. 
  3. Repair and regeneration of tissues and organ systems already damaged by toxicity by allowing the body by design to heal itself.

A Total Dental Revision (TDR) is the most important intervention for the vast majority of people. Total Dental Revision is true biological dentistry. For many people, dental toxins represent the greatest daily exposure to toxicity, and daily toxin exposure seems to be the greatest cause and aggravator of nearly all degenerative diseases - especially cancer.

Mercury, incompatible dental metals, cavitations, failed or failing dental implants, periodontal disease/infection, and infected root canals must all be vigorously addressed. Many patients can expect little long-term improvement even if they can get their immune systems effectively stimulated, as long as the continuous exposure to unaddressed dental and environmental toxicity continues to compromise and weaken their regulation system on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to getting consistently positive clinical results which do not presently appear to be available anywhere else. Nutrition Diagnostics and Eric Davis Dental believes it is no longer acceptable for dentists to ignore the oral-systemic health relationship, or to simply give lip service to nutrition and dietary advice. Dentists should either give advice in relation to systemic health matters to prevent oral health issues or the reverse, or refer the patient to someone who is aware of this uniquely intertwined relationship.

Before electing to undertake such a programme, patients are fully informed and are made aware of any relationships and pecuniary interests existing between Nutrition Diagnostics and Eric Davis Dental. 

So Much More Than Dentistry

Removal of toxic dental materials will cut off the supply of toxins, but that does nothing toward healing and repair. Balancing the body chemistry is required to supply the proper raw materials to bring about healing.

With respect to results, biological systems - unlike cars and other mechanical systems - have many variables. We are attempting to control these variables to achieve a measurable outcome. We can't do the work for you, but analysing body chemistry informs us in developing strategies to guide you through the maze and deliver real, measurable results and restore your body to health.

The Dental Support Programme

The Dental Support Programme is provided by Nutrition Diagnostics designed to support Total Dental Revision at Eric Davis Dental by providing education on healing, nutritional concepts and detoxification.

This is Nutrition Diagnostics’ entry level programme and is purely focused on steps to support your Total Dental Revision for the health conscious individual with no disease label or severe health challenge.

The Dental Support Programme will cease further exposure and help eliminate stored toxins. Removing a poison from the mouth does not successfully remove it from your body or heal the damage that has occurred. At Nutrition Diagnostics, we are thinking beyond your teeth by providing the key to optimal dental health and a balanced body chemistry and thus overall health.

As important and necessary as your Total Dental Revision is, it only completes about 10% of the protocol you need for recovery. The Prescription for Health Report will help you with the remaining steps needed for complete recovery and a happier, healthier lifestyle!

In order for you to qualify for a Dental Support Programme we must first establish: 

  1. How do we determine if a health challenge is severe or more demanding?
  2. How do we assign a program with your best interests in mind based on your health challenges/symptoms?

We would need to understand your perception, expectation, level of commitment and also hindrance to commitment prior to accepting you into a specific programme. Nutrition Diagnostics does not want to be one of the litany of practitioners you may have previously consulted.

The Immune Rebuilding Programme

The Immune Rebuilding Programme will be necessary if your  health challenge can be identified as moderate to severe :

  • If you have a Diagnosed "disease label" – Cancer, tumour, autoimmune disease such a thyoroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, “obesity” or over or underweight, long standing fatigue, migraine, “Degenerative” diseases and a medical label.
  • If you have a Frequency and a multitude of symptoms – Daily, multiple times a day, hourly, all night, all morning, unrelenting.... 
    • Preventing you from work
    • Disables you to do day-day activities, enjoy life with your loved ones...
  • If you have consulted with many practitioners searching for answers– Naturopath, Homeopath, Kinesiologist, Chiropractor, GP, Medical Specialist, different diet programmes etc.
  • If you have attempted TDR multiple times before with other Dentist's without benefit.
  • If you want more education beyond a Dental Support Programme --- coaching to optimum health, high performance.
  • If your level of care needed to support your expectations is of high need.
  • If you have a 1000 questions about your health that a Dental Support Programme has not sufficient time to answer or help with.
  • Or you are simply confused and want the highest level of health.