Nutrition Diagnostics - Why is it important to supplement vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2?
Under the disease model of health, a number of people are diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. They are then prescribed vitamin D supplements to boost these levels. However, this approach fails to recognise that it is not a lack of vitamin D that causes poor health, but rather that poor health causes low vitamin D. The most common cause we see for vitamin D deficiency is an excess of free calcium. This is because the body requires vitamin D to absorb calcium properly. In the instance fo free calcium excess, the body deliberately lowers its vitamin D levels in an attempt to protect itself from calcium being deposited into the arteries, joints and organs. When you supplement with vitamin D only, calcium can be deposited into the arteries, joints and organs. However, when supplementing with vitamin D with K2, calcium absorption can be optimised and pushed into the bones. This synergy between vitamin K2 and D3 is key to the efficacy of our Synergy K2 supplement.