Nutrition Diagnostics - What Approach Or Supplements Will We Recommend

What Approach Or Supplements Will We Recommend?

To answer this question is done through a series of questions.

With respect to diet, theory, food and supplements or any action programme we need to ask:

• What is it that you want it to do?
• What is it that you think it will do?
• How will you test the theory?
• How will you measure the outcome?
• How will you interpret the result?
• FINALLY are you getting a measurable outcome?

The chemistry markers and their correct interpretation is what stops clients falling through the cracks and will allow us to definitely assess the reason and fundamental cause for their health challenges, and therefore develop a strategy to win.

Chemistries always tell the truth, even when we do not understand them.

They do not change if you do the same thing every day, but after total dental revision and establishing a new lifestyle of health, they move in response to what you are doing, or not doing.