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Tailored Programmes to Restore Your Health

We recognize that each living person is chemically different to one another, and therefore, each person requires different inputs to balance their body chemistry. It is with this knowledge in mind that we tailor our health programmes specifically to your needs.

We don’t subscribe to trending diets, ‘fads’ or radical health regimes that adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality. Instead, we believe in science - the science of body chemistry. Though we continue to learn new things and expand our health horizons, as well as create new products that better address key health issues and imbalances, our philosophy, our approach and the advice we prescribe remain constant. 

Designed to Balance Body Chemistry

This singular mission of our health programmes is to balance body chemistry, and it is for this reason that we have enjoyed a history of continuous success whilst others in this field jump from one trending diet to the next without ever addressing what it means to be truly healthy.

A Holistic Approach to Health

By taking a holistic view of diet, lifestyle and existing illnesses - oftentimes working in conjunction with your other medical practitioners - we work towards balancing your body chemistry - shifting biomarkers through a combination of diet, supplementation, exercise and general lifestyle changes.

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Different Programmes to Suit Different Needs

Most health advice is offered in a generic, one-size-fits-all manner. Everyone is instructed, for instance, to get their cholesterol as low as possible, cut out salt and lose weight. Yet, many people have deteriorated from this advice, or have simply seen no improvement. Sometimes patients get lost between the cracks because there is no diagnosis that fits their problems. Well-meaning experts have trouble managing a health situation for which there is no clear diagnostic label.

At Nutrition Diagnostics, we don't have to wait for a diagnostic label to appear before starting your health programme. Everything that has happened to you in your life has contributed to your current and future health situation, and by taking this into consideration - by viewing the body as a whole - we are able to develop strategies to improve your health.

The core objective of our health programmes is to balance body chemistry. Based on analysis of biomarkers in your body chemistry, the Nutrition Diagnostics team will tailor a  programme for you that is specific to your health challenges.

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