Nutrition Diagnostics - What to Say to Dream Stealers

What to Say to Dream Stealers


After focusing on your own health you may have run across a situation where someone questioned (or even criticized) what you were doing.  We call these people ‘dream stealers.’ 

They can be total strangers you meet, colleagues at work and even the people closest to you.  Comments like “Why can’t you eat this or that,” “Come on; one won’t kill you,” or “It’s no fun eating with you anymore” can derail your focus or unnecessarily tempt you. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to remember is WHY you are committed to your health journey!  When you have a big enough ‘why,’ you will have the strength to deal with dream stealers.

So this week we are providing you with some guidelines and exercises to help you prepare for any possible situation.  

These include:

Identification.  Identify who the most likely ‘dream stealers’ will be and what they might do to or say to sabotage your progress.  (Remember, some people aren’t even conscious that what they are doing is potentially negative.  They do these things because of their belief systems.  They have not been educated AND they probably have not had their chemistries done.)

Preparation.  Prepare yourself to respond to comments or behaviors.  You should take it in steps:

Align with them.  “I can understand why you would say that when you haven’t gone through their educational system.  I didn’t understand it at first either but I have since looked into the program fully, been completely educated and have seen the results first hand.”

Explain the facts and enquire.  “The ND program is a total lifestyle approach based on my personal body chemistry.  Have you read much about body chemistry and health?”  (Most people lack education and when you ask them this question they begin to realize maybe they don’t know the answers.)

Inclusion.  Sometimes the best defense is a good offense!  Because you are not a nutritionist and likely are new to this information yourself, take all the pressure off of yourself by inviting them to learn more themselves. “I probably can’t answer all your questions—at least not from a technical standpoint- you can go to their website and take advantage of their complimentary enquiry consult.

Like many things in life, different approaches to something can stir interesting feelings and responses.  Avoid getting into debates with others as it usually accomplishes nothing.  It is best to affirm that this program is based on personal body chemistry and science.

Most of all be true to yourself and your personal goals.  At the end of the day it is your health and you are the decision maker.  You made the right decision with Nutrition Diagnostics and you are and with time will reap further benefits.

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