Nutrition Diagnostics - What to do following an extraction

What to do following an extraction


Dentistry is a life saving intervention to resolve pain, bleeding complications and chronic infection. Unfortunately, due to the constraints placed on this profession there is a big focus on mechanical and cosmetic restoration. In order to resolve complications post surgery it is necessary to understand the biology and chemistry of dentistry. This is not currently practice in dentistry today due to the lack of time, insurance support and education.

We all run this risk of a nico lesion or cavitation after an extraction. Typically this is found in wisdom tooth extraction sites.

Jay xrays are not always able to pick up this complication so a keen eye and an educated guess is required.

How does one prevent a cavitation or dry socket?

Actions for tooth extraction:

Get to bed early

Rest – no exercise

Spend the day on the couch to form a blood clot

Don’t introduce any new foods

No sugar, coffee, alcohol, vaccinations

Keep ice on the area  rotating every half an hour

This will help reduce swelling and bring out the bruising

Keep up your protein intake to aid in healing

Eat soft foods such as scrambled eggs, frittata and chicken soup

Stick to regular meal timings

Take antibiotics if prescribed to control microbes

Post Dental Surgery and Healing Protocol

Post Dental Treatment Instructions

“How do we sort through all this crud, the secrets are written in the blood.”

*Talk about microbes

*Talk about importance of protein and iron in healing.

                - Hal Huggins and Sam Queen

*FAQ1 in health Report.

How do you restore health post dentistry and have the ability

 to measure it?


*Increase BCAA and whey protein powder.

Protein plays a very important role in your healing post dental surgery. Not only will it supply the body with the amino acid building blocks it needs to repair but it also plays a critical role in helping escort toxins properly throughout the body.


"You have to find out what the target is before you pull the trigger.
If you just take the infected tooth out, and do nothing more, by actual measurement, 63 percent of those people end up with another autoimmune disease they did not have before they had it removed. There is a way to do it right and there are ways to do it wrong."
- The late, great Dr. Hal Huggins.

Dental Decision Tree

This document is to help identify whether a client’s Dental Dates should be deferred to week 8 in their Nutrition Program.

The decision tree is to train the way you process information regarding a person’s health challenges/symptoms. We first must assess the person’s health to ensure they are able to heal and detoxify post dentistry.