Nutrition Diagnostics - Politics and Your Health Freedom

Politics and Your Health Freedom


My grandfather always said never talk about politics, religion and money.
If you are going to talk about philosophy or the meaning of life choose the right climate and audience.
By the way he also said never go swimming when it is raining otherwise you will get wet.
Wisdom beyond words.

Now a disclaimer, those who are superficially longing for a symptom based treatment and would rather put their health in someone else's hands do not read further.

In Australia this Saturday is our Federal election where you get to decide the direction of our health freedom. There has been alot of uncertainty and ambiguity of leadership across the world that has left academics concerned and quite anxious.

It is important to note that your freedom to choose what you read, learn 

Our family has been in the health industry for more than 30 years. In those years we have seen market trends, driven by politics come and go. It is worth noting through constant trends, truth always finds it way to the forefront.

I will be forever grateful for my family who have time after time focused on truth in this confusing health maze.

He has always stayed with morality even the politicals and the status quo buckle under peer pressue and the alluring all might dollar.

As we see today while holistic and biological dentists remove amalgams and maybe root canals when they are truly infected on a jaw xray, many turn a blind eye to "dodgy dental implants".

I guess to have a strong moral compass you have to stay true to your philosphy in helping people to achieve their goals through body chemistry, sometimes your own health journey can add fuel to the burning desire to do what is right.

Health Model thinking vs Trusting the Political Science

If you have not noticed the health advice that comes from media, government, philanthropists and corporate agencies use epidemiology (the study of associations) to roll out fear to make public health change.

Don't eat meat
Don't eat saturated fat

Turn a blind eye to alcohol, smoking, sugar and processed foods.

There has been alot of talk about sustainable development, combatting poverty, education, climate change, global health, gender, technology, the control of disinformation and the economy.

Henry Kissenger once said, If you want to control countries you control oil, If you want to control people you control their food. With the control of food we are seeing that impact it is having on fertility and prosperity. 

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We have banned the free distribution of plastic bags, while woolsworth and coles now sell them, as we are concerned about the planet. Meanwhile the Australian Government turns a blind eye to dentists placing and removing dental amalgam. The advise that dentists have a mercury trapper on their sink but it is not montitored or enforced so it is just lip speil. \
Sometimes politicians lie so you believe what you want to hear to get your vote.

Family Health Challenges

My father Dr. Eric Davis graduated in 1980 as a dentist, with health challenges. Suffering from asthma, migraines, fatigue and inflammatory bowel disease. It was his own journey that led Dr Davis on his lifelong exploration and study of health. Not responding as well as I would have liked with puffers, tablets and cortisone suppositories, frequent questioning of the gastroenterologist for causes just returned the cliche that it was "stress' and had nothing to do with diet / nutrition.
In retrospect, his health took a downturn in fourth year university when he would of started training with mercury amalgams.

Constant frustration subsequently led pursue of postgraduate studies in Clinical Nutrition.

Finding Truth and Navigating Politics

The Catalyst to Change History

worldwide treaty addressing many major uses of mercury and including dental amalgam (Minamata Convention on Mercury), today we are on the downhill slope of retiring mercury dental fillings to the dustbins of history.

It is worth a read the story of one of our late mentors Dr. Hal Huggins struggle against politics and how change eventually happens.

Times are changing but government is just swapping one poison for another to make money.

So when politics it is for our health, consider they are also making money or profited in a more sinister way that may not be in your health best interest.


Source- Fat as Fuel for Fitness 5th Global Symposium on KETOGENIC THERAPIES Banff, Alberta, Canada, Sept 22, 2016 Jeff S. Volek, Ph.D., R.D.

The current food pyramid promotes a diet that is high in sugar (carbohydrates) and low in healthy fats. It's a recipe for poor nutrition, and poor nutrition is the recipe for malnutrition. Malnutrition leads to mineral deficiencies and imbalances in body chemistry - ultimately manifesting in chronic disease. 

Then, there's an issue with the way scientific studies are conducted. The Heart Foundation is another great example here, wherein the 'studies' that support its claims, are based on 'epidemiological research'. Epidemiological research looks at the patterns and trends across population groups to ascertain why diseases occur. Essentially, it is the study of correlations. Data is generally gathered by way of questionnaires, and conclusions are generally drawn based on a series of assumptions made with respect to that data in the form of statistical analysis. And herein lies the problem; epidemiology is reliant upon assumptions rather than facts.

What video to include olympio pinto, dr hal huggins, Dr Michael Margolis

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach as we have biochemical individuality.

So mass fluridation in drinking water will still create tooth decay and gum disease.
Mass immune therapy will still cause transmission and host infection.

At the end of the day the host has to be educated and supported.

We as family have been up agaist politics for the last 30 years and not by choice.

When you start breaking truth barriers.

Max Plank quote.

What ever way the election goes, truth and good always prevails whether it is now or in the future. The reason i believe this is seeing how the mercury amalgam debate has gone on until now.
There is a potential that even after reaching pharmaceutical induced herd immunity, the carrot stick may politically move while the public emergency is still active.

There is still money to be made out of public fear.

It is also good to see we are no longer debating that saturated fat is bad for your health. Why are people still fearful of cholesterol. Maybe the truly do not understand it?

My father, Dr Eric Davis, was branded a ‘quack’ in the early 90s by many of his peers for removing amalgams. He was ahead of his time as he understood the oral systemic link and the role mercury played in heavy metal toxicity and associated symptoms and conditions. Instead of following commercial trends and succumbing to propaganda (of being labelled a 'quack'), he stayed true to his Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm!

Fast forward some 30 years, and it is now common knowledge amongst almost all dentists and health professionals that amalgam fillings lead to mercury toxicity and are directly responsible for a whole host of health problems and chronic diseases. And herein lies the issue with branding holistic health practitioners as quacks. 

Use dads end quote from seminar.

We do not believe in propaganda to instill fear over your health.

A Change is Gonna Come

We believe in morals, ethics and informed consent so that our clients can obtain autonomy to make the best decision

I believe we should have integrity to stand for some kind of morals and values. Do the right thing and seek measurable truths.
Human beings have endured for the last 200, 000 years from famine, to wars to pandemics. I believe a change is going to come as history has always shown that nature always wins.

The body is designed to win. Any action the body takes, is a response to accommodate survival. 

See what we see in blood chemistry is an accommodation of survival. Once we understand why something is occurring, we can then go about correcting it properly. By applying the right nutrients, we can support the bodies intended design instead of dictating to it with drugs and irreversible procedures.

Think positively about your locus of control.
If you run on fear and anxiety remember you can be manipulated by media. If you educate yourself and stay within your locus of control you can stay focus on your goal.

"When an honest man discovers he is mistaken, he will either cease to be mistaken onor cease to be honest".


We acknowledge that every body is different, and everyone’s body chemistry is different. Therefore, Nutrition Diagnostics programmes are individually tailored to the body chemistry of our patients.

By analysing your unique blood chemistry, we can uncover your body’s design for staying well, and then develop a strategy to return your body back to a healthy balanced state. We do so by combining the best of todays medical and dental science knowledge, complimentary medicines, nutrition and exercise.

Through correct information and ongoing coaching, we help our clients to avoid the myths and misinformation that prevent them from achieving sustainable health 

We will continue our mission of balancing body chemistry and restoring health - both through the Nutrition Diagnostics philosophy, solutions, clinic and supplement range.
Health is always in your hands, not the politicians.

If you would like to take control of your health freedom now take advantage of our complimentary enquiry consult.