Nutrition Diagnostics - Is it Safe to Remove Mercury Amalgam or Root Canals in Pregnancy

Is it Safe to Remove Mercury Amalgam or Root Canals in Pregnancy


Her child is lucky, because after the 3rd trimester amalgam removal is dangerous.


Do you remember Wei-er Higgs had a root canal removed with Dr David Cowig and then had a miscarriage?


Playing with dentistry is dangerous and this is why we find out the target is first before we pull the trigger.

Imagine he holistic dentist finding out that after dna testing the root canals (there are certain bugs that cause miscarriage) that he may have been implicated in the death of the unborn child.



So why can’t I just do my dentistry?

You have to find out what the target is before you pull the trigger.

"If you just take the infected tooth out, and do nothing more, by actual measurement, 63 percent of those people end up with another autoimmune disease they did not have before they had it removed.
There is a way to do it right and there are ways to do it wrong."

Hal Huggins

If you want to go beyond the symptom and go to the root cause, develop a strategy that goes beyond the teeth.

The blood chemistry will tell you what you need to do to stimulate healing.
Just getting rid of the enemy does not restore the nervous system, brain, heart and your immunity.

Client's Name: W H EC DATE: 12/11/2018 TIME: 1200pm EC: Emma NOTES: RG Patient Status: Mutual (found us online; nutrition aspect got her interested) REFERRAL/PERCEPTION: Dental history and concerns: Four RCT were infected and inflamed thus extracted 2-4 years ago by Dr Cowig. Has partial dentures. Two Hg fillings removed by Dr Cowig; precautions taken; used oxygen and rubber dam. Teeth are sensitive to cold food and drinks. Dental as per EDD: (+) 1 mercury amalgam restorations (+) composite fillings (+) #36 non-vital teeth/significant apical pathology (+) moderate periodontal disease (+) 45 check for recurrent decay (+) 35 decayed. Client is generally healthy. Had history of low iron during pregnancy. She has four children; youngest is 2 and eldest is 12. Had an a miscarriage which happened between her 3rd and 4th pregnancy, she also had her hg removed by Dr. Cowig around this time. Placenta was sent off for testing after miscarriage and showed Giardia; bacterial infection may have been the cause. During pregnancy with the first child, she took an over the counter ointment for candida infection. Has candida concerns and high intake of sweets seem to initiate it. A decade ago while breast feeding her eldest she had 2 rounds of antibiotics due to mastitis. On and off fatigue. Occasional sharp pain always in LHS stomach if not watching her diet; avoids gluten. Low blood pressure tendency. Occasional faint/dizziness when standing. Gets on and off pain in the teeth which she feels is abscess and flares up with diet changes. Interrupted sleep as patient is still breastfeeding. History of hypothyroidism when she was 18; got fixed by diet as per client. Currently is not consulting with any doctor. No medical tests done except for the OPG, and not on any medications as well. Does her own exercise. Supplements: Cod liver oil, probiotic fermented foods, collagen and ashitaba. EXPECTATION: She wants to know the cause of her recurrent dental infections and wants to have guidance on how to support her own blood chemistry. Goals stated are the ff: 1) To feel energized throughout the day; no brain fog and not lethargic after meals 2) Optimal health; pain free and decay free 3) Autoimmune support; rebuild immune system COMMITMENT: Is excited about starting the program. Travel might be a hindrance but can work around her schedule. Fortnight consults would possibly be done via phone or Skype. OUTCOME: Patient signed-up for Remote Program. Questionnaire already filled out before leaving ND. Deposit paid.