Nutrition Diagnostics - How Do I Not Get Sick On Holidays

How Do I Not Get Sick On Holidays


What Do I Do If I Get Sick

The weather is changing, people around you are getting sick, you are tired and stressed, the common cold and flu is here. Here is what you can do to arm yourself.

Common symptoms:

This is commonly caused by:

The good news is that we're here to tell you what you can do to give your immune system the boost it needs to defend against colds, flu, viruses and gastro.

In Australia, all the public holidays tend to start from December (Christmas) to May (Labour Day). While it is a time of joy, we have seen many get sick and irritable after they come back from a break or when the weather suddenly changes.
In seasonal changes we have found clients do not adjust their diet based on environment needs. For example in summer people eat lighter foods, whereas in winter rich nutrient dense foods should be consumed to combat greater demands placed on the body.

To solidify this observation would be to reference Christmas 2021in the height of the omicron strain in the COVID-19 pandemic. Alot of people were vaccinated, alot of people at celebratory foods, a lot of people got covid, which led to an unprecedented toilet paper shortage yet again.

Prior to the great event, Australia was on task to reach a vaccination quota inorder to relax COVID-19  'restrictions'. November / December 2021 saw an upscale of COVID-19 vaccination via Operation Covid Shield National Vaccine Campaign Plan.

January 2022 brought the new omicron variant which led to many taking a COVID-19 7 day isolation holiday, after the holidays. What alot of people forgot to mention the days leading up to nurturing SARS-CoV-2 (which creates the disease COVID-19) there seem to be an over indulgence of alcohol, gluten, sugar and a rapid weather change, on top of a lack of sleep from too many celebrations.

Ultimately the mass surge of COVID-19 January 2021 led to a supply chain issue with toilet paper. It was unforgettable if you forgot to stock up before leaving the house for holidays.
Toilet paper shortages are the least of our worries but rather forever increasing interest rates to combat inflation. Poor immunity and viruses seem to be the catalyst, only one can assume.

To play on words Stressed spelt backwards equals Desserts.

Weather Change

Hot, humid to cool, dry dusty or pollen, moldy winds can stress those who are already immune compromised.

Have you noticed people tend to get the sniffles when the weather changes?

If you begin to develop the telltale symptoms of a cold or flu, you must act quickly to mitigate the effects of the virus as best you can. It is important to note that a virus will only be as successful as its environment allows for. If you can control the environment (your body and immune system), you can better control the virus.

Getting Sufficient Sleep

Sufficient sleep is essential on several health fronts. However, it is especially important during cold and flu season due to the role sleep plays in the immune system. During sleep, the immune system releases a type of protein called 'cytokines'. Cytokines play a critical role in cell signalling - working to organise and coordinate the body's immune response. Without them, the immune system is weakened and is less capable of mounting a defence against colds and flu. Insufficient or broken sleep will also cause a rise in cortisol which further hinders the natural healing process. Getting to bed early is one of the best ways to bolster immunity during cold and flu season.

The time when your body will feel the weakest is on sundown between 5-7pm as the hormone cortisol drops.

This is a critical time to supplement and consume a healthy dinner.
Other times are on risingmidday, before bed and midnight.

What Can I Take For Sinus Congestion and Hayfever


Every April brings the influenza vaccination program inorder to prepare for Winter (June). The 2023 Influenza Vaccination Program has consideration for bundling RSV, Influenza and Omicron BA. 4-5 COVID-19 booster vaccines, what some may call a 3 for 1 deal.  Something that has not been done before.

Annual influenza vaccination should occur from April onwards to provide protection for the peak of the influenza season, which is generally June to September in most parts of Australia. Note though, vaccination can occur as soon as vaccine stock is available.
Influenza vaccines can be co-administered (given on the same day) with any COVID-19 vaccine.

If you have to vaccinate try to around amalgam removal as to not set off a secondary immune response and the tail end of indulging sugar and alcohol. One our mentors H.L Sam Queen 's mentor R.B Gradwhold had the oportunity to meet the great Louis Pasteur who invented the Small Pox vaccine. What alot of people forget to mention inorder for a vaccine to be succesfult the host must have an immune system to form immunity.

Excerpt taken from Australian Product Information - COMIRNATY Original/Omicron BA.4-5 COVID-19 Vaccine. Click image for file. If you would like to access more product information head to the TGA website:

It would also be pertinent if you have had a history of mercury/ thimerosal and aluminium poisoning or currently going through Total Dental Revision,  to not complicate your immune system with vaccination that contain these additives or adjuvants. There are concerns while Australia is becoming more compliant with the Minamata Treaty they may not always be listed on the product information booklet but potentially at the manufacturing level.


Here is a summary of the signs and symptoms which may suggest materials intolerance. Following the summary, each of the areas are individually examined.

  1. Changes in sleep habits or cycles
  2. Changes in appetite and ability to digest or otherwise handle foods
  3. Changes in mood, irritability, tolerance of noise or distractions
  4. Loss of energy and ability to cope with physical stress
  5. Substantial changes in bowel and bladder function and void frequency
  6. Increase in infections, especially 4 to 8 weeks post placement
  7. Substantial loss of lucidity, rational thought, mental agility, problem solving capability and memory
  8. Unexplained rashes, skin irritations, swelling, fluid retention or severe itching
  9. Changes in skin pallor and texture
  10. Cold extremities where they were “normal” prior to placement
  11. Increases in sweat generation, especially when there is no temperature extreme to elicit the increase
  12. Increased foot or body odor, with feet often taking on a dingy yellow or orange colour
  13. Otherwise unexplained increase in jumpiness, jitteriness or tenseness
  14. Increased in bruxism and TMJ pains
  15. Increased numbness, tingling or twitching in the extremities or about the head and face
  16. Decreased breath and stamina, inability to exercise as before placement
  17. Increased chest pains, tachycardia and angina
  18. Substantial changes in ovulation, frequency and intensity of menstrual flow and sexual interest
  19. Odd tastes in the mouth not previously present
  20. Marked increases in headaches, neuralgia, migraines and pounding in the head
  21. Substantial adverse changes in blood pressure and pulse rate
  22. Substantial increases in spectrum and intensity of allergic actions and mucus generation.

Not sure where to start ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you know of a particular brand vaccine you can search for it on the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care: Therapeutic Goods Administration.


It is well known by Diabetes Australia that diabetics are most at risk of cold, flu and viruses.
In the COVID-19 Pandemic, diabetics were considered immunocompromised and most at risk of COVID-19, therefore

microbes love a sweet (chocolate), acidic (the byproduct of celluar stress), low or free iron (poor iron studies) and low oxygen environment (lack of red blood cells or poor oxygen carrying capacity due to haemoglobin and mercury).

Ultimately, excessive sugar consumption drives what's known as metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is driven by mitochondrial dysfunction, which is driven by overconsumption of fructose. So, despite what you've heard about fat or saturated fat, sugar is the leading catalyst for poor health and disease.

When the weather cooler we should increase protein and fat to curtail sugar cravings

How Foods That Are High in Sugar Impact Blood Chemistry


Alcohol is a legal drug. It acts like a solvent. The way the body protects against a solvent is by destroying muscle to lay down fat. In good health the body can resist. In bad health it wil drug you fat.


It is a known fact, that mercury is one of the most devastating toxins found within our environment. Unlike other toxins, mercury has the ability to change its form, poison ecosystems and our food chain.  It is one of the most underestimated toxins. Sadly, our government is doing little to track and ban its use.
When inorganic mercury binds to living tissue, you end up with the most toxic form of mercury called methylmercury.  Methylmercury is a trojan horse that can enter any vital organ. Minamata Bay disaster is a prime example of methylmercury toxicity. Seafood contains methylmercury.



Fasting is synonymous with abstinence, and thus, its origins are very much rooted in religion and spirituality. So deep is this connection, that fasting is enshrined in the scripture of almost all religions. This is often done in an attempt to break a cycle of bad health or provide temporary respite, ‘detox’ from the effects of such behaviours.
Whilst autophagy is a natural and healthy process in the body, for people of poor health, intermittent fasting could be potentially harmful.

Fasting can potentially harmful for those who don't have the requisite protein, nutrient and iron stores to allow the body to make sufficient repairs (as it attempts to do in the autophagy process), so by fasting, we end up cannibalising our own muscle.

This is the process of connective tissue breakdown, which is one of the six subclinical defects that underpins all disease. When our body doesn't have the tools to make the required repairs, we are left at a heightened risk of exposure to toxins. 

If the body does not get adequate fuel, it will seek sugar or sacrifice a bodily process and cannibalise itself. If we do not succumb to sugar, then we desperately crave another 'bulletproof' drug called coffee.

Finally, it is very important to note that when 'experts' tout fasting as a health protocol or lifestyle for all, it can be down right dangerous for type 1 diabetics, people who suffer autoimmune disease and those who have kidney dysfunction. It is always critical to assess by the way of medical advice and the balance of body chemistry before undertaking such a 'ritual'. 

When we analyse body chemistry via blood, the signs of intermittent fasting are easily identifiable. The first thing we notice is a drop in white blood cell and lymphocyte count. White blood cells and lymphocytes are designed to fight viruses, cancer and toxins like mercury, so when they’re in low supply, your immune system takes a hit, which people frequently experience mouth ulcers, cold sores, shingles and herpes.

Does My Genetics and Epigenetics Determine My Immune System

We constantly here that I always get sick, or I have a poor immune system because it runs in the family. This is language pharma bought media and doctors indoctrinate their patients with. It is a scape goat so that the patient does not have to change diet and lifestyle.

Understanding the Immune System

Low immunity isn't just a feeling; it is measurable through blood chemistry. The chart below illustrates some common deficiencies and imbalances that result in reduced immune health.

Some of the most telling biomarkers for immune health are:

What Should I Eat If I Get Sick

What Should I Drink

Beverage - Sherpa Tea

Cleaning Out Airways

Nasal Spray

In nasal congestion, the nose is filled with pathogens. The role of nasal spray is to clear the nose of such pathogens by shrinking them - thus reducing the risk of infection into the respiratory system (the lungs). Nasal spray may also relieve symptoms of congestion and provide comfort during a cold or flu.

We recommend combining our PerioMix powder with 1 Reduced L Glutathione capsule and 80mls of filtered water to make an effective nasal spray. To learn more about PerioMix, click here.

What Supplements Should I Take If I Get Sick

All of the above can be found in the following supplements:

Formula 1

Formula 1 supports the immune system primarily as it is high in zinc. Zinc is essential to healthy cell function and signalling. Without sufficient zinc, the immune response will be compromised. Zinc also works to reduce oxidative stress (low oxygen), which can hinder immune function and energy levels.

Formula 2

Like Formula 1, Formula 2 also contains zinc. It also contains vitamins B6 and copper which support the immune system by aiding cell function.

Bio Vitamin C

Bio Vitamin C contains vitamin C, lysine, proline, glycine, bioflavonoids, and a standardised green tea extract. The primary function of vitamin C is to promote the production of white blood cells. Regular over-the-counter vitamin C products contain 500mg of vitamin C per dose. However, our own Bio Vitamin C powder delivers 2000mg per dose. It also contains powerful antioxidants like lysine, proline and glycine that provide additional antiviral support. The green tea extract and citrus bioflavonoids give the added benefits to increase the uptake of vitamin C and offer extra antioxidant protection.

An Uptake in Glutathione

Colds and flu are both viruses - meaning they enter the body encased within a protein shell known as a 'capsid'. Before a virus can infect the body, it must first bind to a cell and activate its 'neuraminidase' enzyme, injecting the contents (virus) into the cell. The virus then multiplies within the cell - ultimately causing the cell to burst, at which point the virus escapes the cell and then infects the body. It is usually only after the cell bursts that people will experience symptoms of cold and flu. However, if the capsid does not bind to a cell, it can be naturally escorted out of the body by white blood cells. When this occurs, there is no viral infection and no cold or flu symptoms.

The body's cells contain glutathione, which is an antioxidant designed to preserve the integrity of the cells. Thus, glutathione plays a critical role in ensuring the viral capsid does not bind to cells and inject the virus. Glutathione is obtained through diet - specifically from foods like lambvealeggsasparagus and avocado - however, often only in small amounts. Because of this, it is degraded by protease enzymes. When taken in more concentrated doses in the form of a Glutathione supplement, it is not degraded and has a more significant effect.

Glutathione can be synthesized by the body naturally by obtaining 3 amino acids, with selenium:

  1. Glutamic acid -BIO-Whey and meat
  2. Cysteine - BIO-Whey and meat
  3. Glycine - BIO-Whey and BIO-Vitamin C
  4. Selenium status - Formula 2 and iron status - Formula 3

In chemistry, a high/normal bilirubin and low G6PD (Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase) indicates low glutathione status. G6PD is an enzyme that protects the RBC membrane from oxidation.

Administering Reduced L-Glutathione sublingually allows it to be absorbed by the body's lymphatics and is more effective and potent than glutathione derived from the diet.
Reduced L-Glutathione is available on our online store for practitioner use only.

Cold & Flus

If immunity is low and once consumes chocolate covered nuts containing argenine it is known to bring about these viral expressions.

Remedy is our signature energy drink. Biovitamin C contains three essenital amino acids proline, glycine and lysine.

Gastro, Diarrhoea and Tummy Bugs

Activated Charcoal and Chicken stock

Activated charcoal is made from peat (decomposed vegetable matter) and coconuts, which are specially treated at high temperature. When seen under a microscope, activated charcoal has many small chambers that create an extensive surface area. These chambers are able to trap the molecules of most toxic substances. This is why charcoal is widely used in air and water filters. 

Charcoal works by a process called adsorption. This means that charcoal collects substances on the surface. (This is different from absorption, which means to incorporate or assimilate a substance). Charcoal is an inert material, which passes through the intestines without being absorbed into the body. It absorbs gases and thereby helps relieve flatulence, fullness and bloating.

Should I Take Mega High Dose Vitamin D3

Bio Omega 3-6-9

Bio Omega 3-6-9 aids immunity as it is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D, which help maintain cell health, aid white cell production, and combat inflammation.

Synergy K2

Synergy K2 contains vitamin k2, vitamin D3 and vitamin A. Vitamin D3 and A, in particular, are beneficial to immune health as they maintain cell health, aid white blood cell production and combat inflammation. Vitamin K2 also aids with the absorption and utilisation of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A and D3 - making them more effective.


The keys to boosting the immune system and staying well during cold and flu season are: