Nutrition Diagnostics - All Diseases Have A Common Origin

All Diseases Have A Common Origin


Do Not Love Your Disease That is Keeping You Sick

We have all been conditioned to think, that after rigorous medical testing, only then a disease label can be given to a symptom. Soon after, a treatment can be provided to offer a long lasting cure.

While this is the common approach to most health strategies on the market, whether it be private health or government intervention, many people are still waiting for that magical cure, never truly understanding what originally caused the disease in the first place.

In consultation we have noticed that clients that have seen multiple practitioners and now considered professional 'unwell' the can go from one therapy to another. Much like the story that was told in "The Root Cause Movie" in where the character had a life changing incident  that lead to a whole cascade of problems until a lot of money was spent to find a single cure.

University degrees and professional development courses train health practitioners on how to diagnose a group of symptoms, using Latin words through a system we call the biomedical model of disease. Once a label is given the practitioner will proceed to treat with a herb, supplement, drug or trending diet.
Sometimes they are successful in 'curing' the disease, but the reality is this approached is flawed when trying to understand how the body works, to improve the health of every connecting organ attached to the disease.

Ultimately, if the cause of the imbalanced chemistry is misunderstood, a disease will have a tendency to bring about more disease. In the last 37 years of consulting, we have found, treating labels will never get to the origin of that disease, ignoring future inevitable health challenges.

This also applies to biological dentistry. For those who think that removing dental amalgam will treat mercury toxicity or extracting root canals will cure cancer, think again. The removal of toxic dentistry will only remove one of many sources of toxicity, failing to provide the raw materials needed by the body to bring about healing and to prevent future disease.

Diseases That Have a Common Origin

Let us explore this topic further with the most common complaints many seem to suffer in society; fatigue and inflammation.
Here are some labels that have been association with the above symptoms:

It is worth mentioning, that all of these labels are ultimately associated with an imbalanced chemistry. The common imbalance we see is represented by a poor stomach acid and bile production. After that will follow inadequate dietary protein and iron stores.

Furthermore, a person's chemistry will be exacerbated by a heavy metal like mercury and/or a microbiological burden usually driven by toxic dentistry that has formed originally by poor diet. Dental toxicity can be found in the individual's mouth or originating from their mother in utero.

Predominately, we have seen all these conditions in females who have a sensitive constitution. The sensitive constitution comes from following a 'politically correct' diet that has inadequate red meat at each meal, on top of an abnormal iron loss due to heavy menstruation, compounded by pregnancy, miscarriage and childbirth.

Many may not know that Iron (Fe2+ in the mitochondrion diagram above) is crucial to fuel the mitochondria of the cell in order to make energy. Iron and its mineral cofactors are also necessary for a cell to resist oxidative stress caused by heavy metals that will disrupt respiration (oxygen) and ultimately compound fatigue.

The microbiological influence mentioned above, consists of a spirochetal (similar to Lymes Disease), viral and parasitic infection. These opportunistic scavengers love a poor iron status, which epidemiologically may explain why females tend to have the highest COVID-19 cases in Queensland, Australia as once again mentioned above due to diet and menstruation. When diet is poor, hormones can not be in balance and thus amplify poor immunity.


A poor iron status represents a sweet, acid, low oxygen environment. This fundamental environment seems to nurture all diseases and will be further discussed in the below 6 subclinical defects.

When multiple symptoms cascade, with no known origin, some people can end up with another disease they did not have before. This is where the practitioner and client can become overwhelmed to formulate a strategy.

Medicare bridges the gap by networking health professionals and providing the financial means for health care. Unfortunately as it is not a charity it must run as a business while also involving Big Pharma and politics. It may seem the demographic that is a 35-74.


Usually, the only option is to treat each disease separately. As a result of these impediments and medical complexities, the professionals often have no choice but to keep giving labels to symptoms to provide treatments for the labels.

That is the unfortunate reality of modern medicine. However, it doesn't need to be. There is a relatively simple explanation for why diseases come in clusters and how you would tackle medical complexity with a simple brush stroke.

All Diseases are Connected by Six Defects

Thus, it may surprise you to learn that the underlying causes are often the same across multiple diseases. The causes of all disease are what we know as the 'six subclinical defects' and is responsible for the environment of body chemistry.

Each of the six subclinical defects are the byproduct of imbalances in body chemistry - meaning they are largely driven by vitamin, mineral and nutrient deficiencies. Essentially, these six subclinical defects indicate that the body is not functioning as it should. When the body does not function as it should, it is more susceptible to disease.

The Disease Domino Effect 

The other issue with the six subclinical defects is that each defect drives another defect. It is like a domino effect. For instance, when someone suffers from chronic inflammation, they will likely have a PH imbalance - or acid stress (where the body tends to be more acidic than alkaline). When they suffer from acid stress, they will likely also suffer from oxidative stress (where the body is low in antioxidants and cells become oxidised). When they have oxidative stress, they will likely have connective tissue breakdown (where the body cannot build new tissues and make repairs). And when they have connective tissue breakdown, they will likely develop a disease like rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis. It is a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle.

There are many diseases associated with each of the six subclinical defects. This is why, when people suffer multiple defects, they develop numerous diseases. It is why diseases often come in clusters and are all connected. So, you can begin to see how it is entirely possible to combat the complexity of multiple diseases when looking at the body through lens of Health Model thinking and by controlling The Six Subclinical Defects by the way of Balancing Body Chemistry.

What Many Health Practitioners Get Wrong

Aside from ignoring the links between diseases, the other issue with modern medicine is that the focus is often on symptom relief guided by a political driven health insurance model. For example, those with rheumatoid arthritis are commonly prescribed a drug called methotrexate, designed to "reduce pain and swelling" and "slow joint damage and disease progression over time".

Treating symptoms with only pharmaceutical drugs like this usually fails long-term, though, because it neglects to correct the underlying causes of arthritis. It's true that by prescribing methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis, you may relieve some of the symptoms - which is a good short term solution. However, it won't correct the chronic inflammation, acid stress, oxidative stress, or connective tissue breakdown that is creating the rheumatoid arthritis in the first place. Additionally, the drug used to control pain has severe long-term side effects - damaging the liver and suppressing the immune system - exacerbating the long term risk of leukaemia.

This is the reality of the biomedical model of disease; it will often fix one problem while inadvertently creating another. Thus, patients tend to get stuck in an endless cycle of poor health. This begs the question; what is a better approach to dealing with rheumatoid arthritis? The answer lies in analysing body chemistry.

Body Chemistry Analysis

Do not love your disease that is keeping you sick. Focusing on labels only identifies a problem but does not provide a solution.

Before testing watch your budget and the strategy.

Finally, there is hope. You do not need to win the genetic lottery or wait for a cure.
The patterns to health in chemistry has been discovered and tracked.

If you know of a loved one that has been struggling who has been stuck in a perpetual cycle of poor health, perhaps consider a measurable approach to taking back the health you and your love one deserves by balancing body chemistry