Nutrition Diagnostics - Can I Just Do My Biological Dentistry

Can I Just Do My Biological Dentistry


As that would infer that dentistry is some cosmetic magical transaction where you get better from the proceedure.

Jacqui Mitchell
Weir higgs

This biological dentistry and holistic dentistry is a flop.


They still end up with amalgam, go vegan and end up with new diseases.


When these clients demand control over the treatment plan or consulting you can see how history repeats.


Not impressed with holistic dentistry it is misleading.

  PATIENT STATUS: Client found EDD online looking for a Biological dentist who understood the link with dentistry and the body. She advised in the 90’s she started to read about the link between dentistry and health. She had a dentist in Perth remove some of her hg fillings. At the time she was also eating vegan. Then her 1st husband (now remarried) got a new job and they moved states before all hg where removed. Constant issues with teeth – had an infected RCT that they kept redoing and eventually went to sunshine coast dentist and they advised they could extract it for $70 or do another RCT for $1000’s – at this time she was a single mother and chose to have it removed. Noticed an immediate improvement in her health. Prior to COVID in 2020 client was booked in to see EDD however all got delayed with lockdowns. Now in a position to proceed.


2 hg – had hg fillings removed in her 20s (1990’s) at a dentist in Perth – believes they used a rubber dam, no detox program.

Non vital tooth (#35 periapical pathology gum boil clinically + root resorption #63 + #53 with periodontal involvement baby tooth) #63 clinically missing.

Abnormal bony architecture – (#28, #46)

Moderate periodontal disease.

Splint – TMJ issues in the past.

Dental cleans in the past used to make her feel really sick.

Started using the Brushing Solution and Perio Mix in Feb 2022.

Had a nice TDR from Tasmania.

She tried to get her amalgams out in Hobart and the dentist gave her root canals.

She said he was not holistic even though his website said so.


This is why some tdr’s are distrusting and I think it is important to be clear about this.

Everyone has biochemical individuality.
Meaning everyones toxic load is different and the way they detox is different.
Only a chemistry will be able to determine the biochemical individual solution.

pt said she is getting a second opinion due to finances - said will see a local dentist Dr Kluge for opinion sm



she said she will work with detox/nutrion.

She also mentioned some bad reviews we had,  I explained that we have noticed that some of those are not even patients of ours  L


Dental Marketing:


Well that is a concern if they are judging lilian kluges 6 google reviews of a website that started 2years ago that does not do TDR.


So what do we have to do to get more reviews or maybe they client is finding every reason not to get well?

Maybe they were hoping removing amalgams and maybe root canals will improve things while ending up with implants.




So I guess we have not done an ec at ND? Did not make it that far?


Would be interesting to see the cold call / initial tdr notes and see if low iron vegetarian to determine if it was really cost.


Imagine taking your Ferrari car manual to Toyota.


They are two different cars.




So that means the client has an issue with what biological dentistry is.


I have seen Dr Lillian Kluge charge $20, 000 dental treatment plans full of implants for those on a budget.


I have given thought to why people leave reviews and the ones that don’t?

Why it can be difficult to keep clients or do recall.



So what is the real reason not doing TDR:


Cost Vs Commitment Vs Value

Goals, Motivation

Fears, Obstacles



It is all about managing expectations.


Anyway we end up seeing them again.


I like how the prospect client sees that ND is an optional add on of diet and detox.

How about stopping further dental challenges and supporting future health.


Total Dental Revision is not Biological Dentistry.

Diet and Detox or naturopathy is not Balancing Body Chemistry through Health Mode Thinking.






I thought Lillian wanted to work for us in confidential.