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Tea detox. Juicing. Enemas. Fasting. Elimination diets. Do they actually detoxify your body? Or could they potentially make things worse?

Think about how you feel when you are sick. When you suffer from an illness like arthritis, period pain, multiple sclerosis ...

You wouldn’t get your car serviced by a lawyer. You wouldn’t visit your accountant to tailor a suit for you. Nor would you visit a nurse to do your tax return ...

Right throughout our 30 years of nutrition and health consulting, this question has been asked repeatedly - ’is red meat bad for me’?

If we look at a plant’s requirements, the plant will determine exactly how much sunshine and water it needs to grow. If the plant has too much

‘Things don’t just happen overnight’. It’s a comforting thought - one that’s often used to give us a sense of reality and

The body is designed to win. Any action the body takes is a response to accommodate survival. It is the bodies way of trying to get well.

‘What do I take for my arthritis’? ‘What do I take for my headache’? ‘What do I take for my cholesterol?’ ’What do I take for this?’

If you’re asking ‘what diet is right for me?’ You’re asking the wrong question. We don’t advocate the promotion of ‘trending’ diets, even though they all