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Why do I need supplements as part of the programme?
It’s a reality that most people have chemical imbalances.
We see it in the blood analysis. Even the best diet in the world will indicate imbalances, just at a higher level.

The real purpose of supplementation is to create the opposite imbalance from that which you present with. It is the combination of extra supplementation for deficiencies and corrective supplementation that bring down high levels to create a good balance.

Nutrition Diagnostics supplements were formulated by watching human chemistries versus dosages in order to ensure that corrections are more predictable. With several different routes of absorption for each mineral, low dosages can bring about proper and predictable corrections.

Overdoses are just as bothersome as under-doses. The ‘old wives tale’ about taking large doses being OK, because the body just eliminates what it does not need, does not hold true.

Some people take supplements or protein-powder meal replacements that have iron in them, when in fact that person is iron toxic and they have iron overload and you won’t know that unless you ask the right question through chemistry.

Some people are anaemic and are prescribed iron when they really need copper and vitamin B6.

When you receive supplements from Nutrition Diagnostics, you’re getting exactly what you need based on your unique biochemistry, not some one-size fits all program.

Now that basically is what blood chemistry is all about. It allows you to ask the right question and you can never get the answer you want unless you ask the right question. Nutrition Diagnostics is a programme that’s tailored exactly for you and not for the masses.

What brand of supplements are recommended in the Nutrition Diagnostics
‘A Prescription for Health’ report ... and why? 

In using general store supplements we found many years ago that there were little to no changes (improvements) in chemistries. It was a sheer frustration with a lack of results that lead us to specifically formulate our own Nutrition Diagnostics core products.

This line of products offers multiple routes of absorption for each mineral, and is designed to correct the underlying fundamental defects, including detoxification, blood glucose regulation, and cell membrane function.

The body, therefore, has different routes of absorption from which to choose. This is critical as many people have difficulty with digestion and metabolism, not only with food but with supplements as well. Taking Nutrition Diagnostics supplements as a core, (and then additional selected ones we’ll recommend in your Report), improves your chemistries and makes measurable changes where other supplement brands do not.

How long do I need to take supplements?

...Your blood chemistries will be our guide.

They give a good representation of highs, lows and progress. It takes about 8 to 12 months to truly correct most people’s chemistries. Then they can go into a maintenance programme, to compensate for demands imposed upon us all living in a polluted world, and contending with foods largely devoid of nutrients.

We all need advanced levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to stay in excellent health and slow premature ageing. It’s not uncommon to be prescribed a considerable number of supplements in the early stages, if there’s a severity of initial imbalances. Many of these supplements can be reduced in quantity after about 10 to 14 days.

You will be guided in this by your Health Coach.

Body chemistry is a wonderful way of revealing the answers to gaining and maintaining your Perfect Weight and Lifelong Health. The only way to understand chemistry is to approach it as though the body is striving to win, not lose.  Holding fast to this truism allows us to understand what the body is trying to do. Once understood, then our role is more like a health facilitator, developing strategies that  support the body's effort to gain or retain its health. Otherwise, you spend a lifetime treating symptoms.

Nutrition based on your personal blood chemistry is a far-reaching subject. People are rarely on a diet that actually matches their needs. There are lots of ideas on proper nutrition, as well as a lot of disagreement about which diet is best. The answer is that all of them are probably right – from some particular person. The real bottom line of nutrition is what is best for you.

So when we look at chemistry, we look at it as though the body is attempting a victory march. When looking at these numbers, it is the best attempt by the body at the moment to keep itself alive long enough to win. An accommodation of survival.

Supplementation supports that intended design and overcomes the many interference that stop us from our Perfect Weight and Lifelong Health.

Please browse a complete list of our supplements and functional foods that may have been suggested in your Prescription for Health Report.

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We stock supplements as a convenience to our clients and Health Care Practitioners. Since our consultations based on chemistry validation often recommend supplementation as an adjunct to diet and lifestyle adjustments, our clients often prefer to order from us rather than go out looking for individual supplements.
The supplements you get from us may come from various companies, besides the specific Nutrition Diagnostics products that we have designed and developed based on years of blood chemistry evaluations, credible scientific evidence, clinical observation and exceptional results.

Primarily we’re interested in what works–which supplements give the best results.

Certain brands are chosen for purity, lack of harmful additives and effectiveness.
Clients sometimes tell us, “I’d like to buy my supplements locally. I think I can get them cheaper.” When our consultants hear that, they become concerned. They’re concerned that the client will select supplements that compromise the effectiveness of their custom-tailored health program.

Cost is also important, but the most expensive supplement is the one that doesn't work!!

When you buy your supplements from Nutrition Diagnostics, you’re getting exactly what you need based on your unique biochemistry, not some "one-size" fits all programme or disease model way of thinking. It will help you guard against taking combinations that could compromise your outcome.  When you take a mixed supplement that our consultant isn’t aware of, you may inadvertently take something that is interferes with the action of a recommended supplement or may cause you to have too much of a supplement.
For example, if you’re taking a mixed supplement that includes trace elements, such as chromium or selenium, you may get too much if we are also recommending supplementation of these elements. The same may apply to Iron.

Nevertheless, where cost and quality clash, we’ve selected quality– a decision we feel is of utmost importance when results are your primary concern. The most expensive supplements are the ones that don’t work.

Here’s an example.....

The vitamin E we offer comes in a bottle of 60 capsules, and sells for $44.80. But if you were to go to your local grocery store, you may find vitamin E selling for $30.99 for a bottle of 300! That’s a big difference, and on the surface, you’d think you could save a lot of money. But there’s a reason for it.

The cheaper bottle, in this instance, is a synthetic vitamin that likely contains any one of a variety of synthetic forms such as dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate. This form is only 70% as effective as natural vitamin E, and has a further deficiency: the cheaper, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate doesn’t become vitamin E until it enters the body after passing through the intestinal tract. However, you want vitamin E to work in the intestinal tract also, because that’s where most free radicals are produced. An excess of free radicals–if not neutralized by vitamin E and other antioxidants–can drive oxidative stress and chronic inflammation that can lead to colon cancer and other intestinal problems such as diverticulosis.

The cheaper vitamin E does provide some vitamin E functions, but not as efficiently. It fails miserably in halting inflammation, because it lacks gamma tocopherol, which is needed to neutralize the free radical that causes chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can cause–among other problems–thrombosis (blood clots), which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

The vitamin E that we carry occurs in the natural d alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherol forms that together overcome all the problems of synthetic vitamin E.

So, you see how much more value you get from the correct vitamin E? The vitamin E that we carry has everything you need. The same is true for each brand of supplement that we recommend.When you order your supplements from us, you know that each one is chosen to provide the best results for you.

Obviously, if you want to obtain your supplements on your own, you’ll need to educate yourself about the many options that exist, just like with vitamin E. If you decide to purchase them from us, you’ll know that we’ve already done that research for you.

Another example...

We do not recommend large doses of Vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate and/or Buffered Vitamin C as it results in a calcium contaminant and reduction in the ascorbates ability in donating an electron. When a person has a high free calcium level which is very common (that tends to cause a wide variety of health issues) and takes the common buffered vitamin C (calcium ascorbate), free calcium levels are increased, potentially compounding the health problem a little bit everyday.

The value of vitamin C as an antioxidant depends on its ability to donate electrons. This fact is well known. What is also known is that ascorbic acid (which accounts for 99% of vitamin C in nature) can donate 2 electrons. Sodium ascorbate can also donate 2 electrons; whereas, calcium ascorbate can only donate 1 electron. The latter constitutes the primary reason why vitamin C from calcium ascorbate stays elevated in the blood longer than the other two forms.

Once Ascorbic Acid or Sodium ascorbate has donated its 2 electrons it becomes DH -Ascorbate (the oxidised form), which can be reduced back to Ascorbic Acid in the presence of sufficient glutathione, NADPH, or some other potent electron donor. Total vitamin C in the blood reflects the total of these two forms. If reduced vitamin C is sufficiently provided, a left shift is forced in the redox pump, thereby keeping vitamin C in the reduced state. If not, then oxidative stress builds up, causing disease.

The higher the AA/DHA ratio, the less the likelihood of disease. Conversely, the lower the AA/DHA ratio the sicker you are and closer you are to death. Do not use large doses of calcium ascorbate, or buffered vitamin C with calcium ascorbate.

What makes Nutrition Diagnostics different is that we will tailor a science-based programme you can trust to fit YOU, the individual, that’s what sets us apart. We are dedicated to be the best.

Not All Supplements Are Made Equal
At Nutrition Diagnostics, we select supplements for specific clinically-proven
action in your body’s biochemistry, not widely-believed common knowledge.
Our on‑site inventories have been carefully chosen for effectiveness and
safety and are guaranteed to contain the purest and
most natural ingredients on the market.