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The cornerstone to your perfect health!
Nutrition is actually simple: Give your body what it needs!

This may seem like a cheeky over-simplification but it’s true.  Give your body the nutrition, vitamins and minerals it needs and it will return to optimal health.  The question is; how do you know what “it” is? 

The answer is “know your body chemistry.”  Nutrition Diagnostics will take your body chemistry and create a personalized strategy to nutrition. You will learn what specific foods, vitamins and minerals to give your body and when that needs to happen—no more guess work.  This programme will be completely unique for you.  It is this personalized, scientific approach to high level health that makes Nutrition Diagnostics different and why our patients and clients have such high rates of success. 

More than a programme: a support system

Having a personalized programme is only one aspect of the Nutrition Diagnostics strategy.  We know that you need a plan as well as a support system to succeed. That is why you will be working one-on-one with a coach throughout your journey.  Whether you live local or far away, technology allows your coaching sessions to continue at a highly personal level.

Which "diet" is right for you?

Finding the right "diet" in the modern world has largely centered on eliminating certain foods for weight reduction. But what if finding the right "diet" for your individual needs focused on nutrient intake and uptake and automatically lead to weight loss. More importantly what if the foods in this "diet" helped correct and prevent conditions including ADHD, asthma, allergies, cancer, depression, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and a range of auto-immune disease?

Depending on gender, age, lifestyle, origin, climate, genes, health status and unique TOXIC LOAD, our nutritional requirements vary. Foods have an amazing ability to support digestion, heal the 'gut', strengthen immunity, fight infection, reduce inflammation, enhance mood, calm the nervous system, build muscle, boost IQ, alkalinize the body and much more.

There are a growing number of "special diets" that are extremely effective at achieving different health benefits including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, sugar-free, Elimination Diets, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food Diet, Paleolithic or commonly termed the Paleo Diet, Blood Type Diet, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Body Ecology Diet, Feingold, Body Type, FODMAPS, Ketogenic 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1:1 ratios, MCT Diet, low oxalate, Weston A Price and on it goes..

Fundamentally what makes Nutrition Diagnostics unique is that your programme has been tailored with your chemistries in mind.

We emphasise what you need to focus on so as to bring about homeostasis in your chemistries. The discussion of nutrition is like discussing politics and religion. We all have firmly held beliefs, and views and justify our position.

What we do is let your chemistries guide us.
We follow where the truth leads us.

Your Nutrition needs are based on your blood chemistries. The conventional “blood chemistry profile” can tell a great deal about one’s health and what to do to regain your health.

The nutrition or raw materials that are going to be needed for repair is available in the interpretation of these values.

For example, the amount of carbohydrate you are consuming may be too high or too low. This is expressed in the values of serum calcium, phosphorus, glucose, insulin, uric acid, lactic acid d´╗┐ehydrogenase (LDH), cholesterol and triglycerides. Each of these values potentially can go up or down depending upon how your body reacts to the amount of carbohydrate that you eat. Each of us will have a unique carbohydrate threshold.

Where protein is concerned, one question is whether you are eating enough, but the more important question is, are you metabolizing it properly and is it of high biological value?

Efficiency is determined by the Uric Acid level. From the nutritional aspect Urea Nitrogen (B.U.N) tells us if your intake is adequate, proper, or excessive. The total protein level also tells about intake, digestion, the condition of your nutrient transport system (albumin) and an idea of your immune challenge and response capabilities (globulin). 

Most people are surprised to find out how important fats are to your ability to absorb other nutrients from the intestinal tract. They are also surprised to learn that the cell membrane is composed of about 40% fat, and without the proper balance of fats, the cells are not able to absorb the nutrients they need, nor build the body parts that are essential to health. “Fat” chemistries are assessed twice because they are changed more by eating carbohydrates than fats. We assess total cholesterol, HDL,  LDL and more.. as well as triglycerides.

Liver function and kidney function are usually covered in the routine blood chemistry profile. The liver is your body’s best friend, so we keep tabs on it for proper vitamin manufacturing, protein manufacturing and filtering activities. The liver function tests assessed are: alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, lactic acid dehydrogenase (LDH) and gamma GT, ALT, AST.

The importance of these organs in detoxification and in building proteins cannot be overemphasized. Both diet and life-styles are influential factors in the control of these chemistries. Which will be reviewed and established to develop Prescription For Health Report

Nutrition based on your personal blood chemistry is a far-reaching subject. People are rarely on a diet that actually matches their needs. There are lots of ideas on proper nutrition, as well as a lot of disagreement about what diet is best. The answer is that all of them are probably right – from some particular person.

The real bottom line of nutrition is what is best for you?

While no two people will ever have exactly the same blood picture. We are all made in similar fashion, but the body of each person is facing its own individual challenge. This is what we’re trying to discover with a chemistry. Whether it is allergy to foods or a disease label our approach at Nutrition Diagnostics goes about looking at the cause and then supporting the body overcome the challenges.

Our nutritional guide has been developed with a two-fold purpose. It is a very valuable adjunct to the mercury toxic or environmentally toxic patient because it helps condition the body to eliminate retained toxic metals. It also guides the patient in how to bring in nutrients to help repair damaged tissues. The second purpose is as a general nutritional guide for the interested and concerned healthy patient who wants to be sure he is doing what he should to maintain that condition, AND resist chronic degenerative diseases that so commonly plague our society.

What we really should be seeking are foods that our ancestors ate during the past 1,000 to 2,000 years and more. People of Nordic descent do well on saltwater fish (or did until mercury became such a big problem); Central Africans do not. Hawaiians do well on fruit; Norsemen do not. That is easy to understand. But what about the person who is half-Hawaiian and half- Norse? What about people who have a “Heinz 57 varieties” ancestry? What foods and balance of foods should they eat?  Your chemistry knows.

When we eat foods appropriate to our ancestral needs (as mixed as that may be), our chemistry approaches essentially the same level that everyone else’s chemistry approaches when they are on their ancestral diet and are not compromised by dental and environmental toxicity. That makes it easy to monitor.

The hard part is finding that proper "ancestral" point in the first place. Pioneers like Dr. Melvin Page, Dr. Weston Price, Dr. D. C. Jarvis, and Dr Hal Huggins were aware of ancestral diets, and their ground breaking work has made it easier for modern-day investigators to expand from the few originally established chemistries into new ones. Now we have over two dozen chemistries to draw from to determine how close you are to a diet that Balances your Body Chemistry.

For the truly toxic patient, we must look closely to determine what the requirements for maintenance and repair might be. Your blood chemistry reflects how your injured body is responding to its challenges. We can study that chemistry and determine how to start climbing out of the quagmire, but as your body recovers, its requirements will change also. A series of chemistries drawn at specific intervals during our programmes can tell us how well you are responding to toxin removal and suggest the types of foods and supplements that can assist you in repair.

Foods and nutritional advice can do only so much for a damaged body. Sometimes prescription medications, hormones and food supplements are required in order to make up for the modified healing abilities that frequently are the result of toxic exposures.

Monitoring the blood chemistries is the best way to determine whether or not you are on the right path in treatment design. Actual results are the yardstick for the ideal eating plan for the individual.

For example .....

We have the tools for self-monitoring of blood sugar. Then try any other eating plan for three months and see what happens. The differences may not be in the direction that the popular literature or your beliefs would predict. If a client follows the advice the chemistries go in the direction of ideal --- this is ideal Blood Glucose and Insulin for an individual who is healthy eating according to their unique needs, doesn't have any comorbidity and has undergone Total Dental Revision successfully or ideally never had dentistry in the first instance.

Will everyone achieve ideal?; of course not but if you aim at perfection you may achieve excellence. If you aim at average you will achieve mediocrity.

The only way to determine the status of the six homeostatic controls and the protein threads that tie them all together is through the use of a chemistry, and the right one at that. It’s also the only way to get an idea of the "footprints" of toxic exposure that may be complicating the health picture, and place a different demand on nutritional requirements for each individual, so we will call it the Balancing Body Chemistry diet.

The BBC diet also takes into consideration your body burden of Toxins.

This is discussed and outlined in your Prescription for Health Report for those undertaking a coaching programme.

Without a chemistry you can’t know the manner in which the body is handling stress, or how you might be able to support what the body is trying to do to win. Clients and patients ultimately want to get at real solutions for what’s happening in their lives – not generic solutions that “probably” will help them because they help “most” people. Ultimately, the right chemistry and interpretation offer the best way to support our patients and achieve lasting success for them.

The bottom line: For anyone who desires only generic answers to how to correct or prevent this or that health issue, chemistry is unimportant. But for anyone seeking real and lasting health answers, or any doctor who desires to deliver real and lasting answers, the road to success will always depend upon the available data, which means getting a blood chemistry.

Our prime concern is the patient achieving a measurable, tangible, outcome.

Nutrition Diagnostics is a multi-faceted science based company committed to providing lifelong optimum health by restoring the balance to blood chemistries. For over 20 years we have been consulting with a wide range of clients addressing either a health challenge, symptom or preventing disease manifestation. Our tools in achieving this mission involves analysing personal blood chemistries, prescribing a tailored diet and supplement template, providing weekly nutritional and educational consults along with combining medical science and complimentary medicine. Our method is tailored, tangible and measurable and delivers an outcome within a timeframe. We avoid traditional practices that deliver a one-size fits all service. Above all we are committed to helping those who want to live life without burden of toxicity and outcomes of imbalances.

Our immune rebuilding programmes are a structured health service that enables you to address dentistry, toxicity and particular health challenges (pains, headaches, disease states). Our tools in doing this is to design and tailor your diet, supplements and exercise based on what your blood chemistry requires within a specified timeframe.

The program is tailored and designed specifically for you by moving specific biomarkers in your chemistries. It is duration of 16 weeks where you will also have your own personal health coach providing you support advice and guidance through the process.

In order to achieve your outlined goals and to achieve a high level of health you will need to understand that balancing the chemistry is the most crucial part after removing the potential dental and environmental toxic exposure. Thus commitment to the dietary advice and supplements is required in order to achieve improvements in health.

What we do can be broken down into 4 simple steps.

  1. Assess and discuss expectations, perceptions and commitment. Recommended programme outline.
  2. Advise
  3. Measure
  4. Adjust
Whether you want to resolve a complex health issue, to lose or gain weight,
have more energy or simply begin to feel better, Nutrition Diagnostics can help you succeed.