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Exercise Studio Tailored Programmes    

State-of-the-art equipment as part of your integrated programme guarantees you your perfect bodycomposition.

Let’s be technical for just a moment on why exercise, and a focus on muscle mass in particular, is a vital component of your integrated Nutrition Diagnostics programme.

Whether through aging or decreased activity, the metabolic effects of reduced muscle mass lead to problems such as obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension and premature ageing.

In short, if you don’t integrate exercise - the right type of exercise at the right intensity - into your lifestyle, your body will ultimately atrophy and tend to ill health.

On the upside, a state-of-the-art fat burning programme will dramatically accelerate your fat loss. And it will give you renewed energy and vitality. And even better, with the Nutrition Diagnostics Exercise Studio, you’ll achieve this with confidence.

Our studio has been designed and equipped to enable you to undertake a simple resistance exercise programme that will firm, tone and define your body, in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere.

Indeed, all of the equipment in our modern, sparklingly clean and well-appointed ‘boutique’ Exercise Studio, has been purposely selected for its ability to integrate your activity into your overall Nutrition Diagnostics programme.

What is unique about this scientifically designed equipment ?

First and foremost, your tailored exercise programme allows you to

Build the body you have always wanted
……… Instead of tearing down the body you don’t like.

What if we told you there was a shortcut to achieving the body you want? One that requires only about 90 minutes of exercise and doesn’t deprive you of real food? Not only will it help build a lean, muscular, fit –looking physique, it’ll keep you healthy for life, too.   Sound Good?

Well the shortcut does exist and it is a scientifically designed programme that can be customised for any body, including yours to allow you to trade your fat for muscle. Giving you a better, sexier looking and healthier body.

So whether you have a lot of fat to lose or just a little we have a plan to fit your goals. In Fact, our nutrition and strength conditioning works not only for the "guy or gal" who wants to lose 20 kilo’s of flab but also for the person who just wants to trade 5 kilos of fat for 5 kilos of muscle.

What kind of exercise will I do?     What will I eat?   What about my health?   Does it work for women?    Is it safe?

Fitness is the pursuit of physical health and wellbeing. Our programs are for people who want to go beyond ‘fitness’. It is for people who specifically want an extraordinary body; that is, less fat and/or more muscle. It is for people who are willing to work harder and eat better in order to be better than just ‘healthy’, ‘ordinary’ or ‘average’.
As everybody knows, improving body composition (fat loss and muscular development) involves a combination of diet and exercise. But with literally thousands of contradictory diets and exercise programs out there, most people have no idea which way to go. All nutritional and exercise interventions are meticulously measured, science based and planned to achieve specific, measured outcomes, to achieve a pre-defined bodyweight and extraordinary exercise performance objectives. They are designed and built specifically for you, using your measurements and to achieve your specific goals.  
Our eating plans specify every gram of every food to eat at every meal, every day. There is no guesswork, no starvation and no ambiguity. It is a prescribed eating plan.
Our Strength Training programs detail every weight to be lifted on every set of every exercise at every workout to achieve strength targets that are matched to your body composition goals. And our programmes typically involve only 2-3, high-intensity workouts per week. The strength coaching and body re-compositioning will be fully supervised by our accredited strength coaches to ensure correct techniques are used for your safety.

So what’s stopping you?  

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