Nutrition Diagnostics - Being Overweight

Being Overweight The surprising facts

It might surprise you to learn that being overweight, most especially severely overweight, was relatively rare until the 20th century.

The incidence began to increase dramatically in the early 80s. By 1992 one in every ten people in Britain was overweight; five years later that figure had almost doubled. In the USA, by 1991 one in three adults was overweight, despite the fact that Americans spend a massive $33 billion a year on ‘slimming’. Australia’s record is just as disturbing, despite the staggering $1.18 billion spent last year on dieting.

What is even more disturbing is that this phenomenon has occurred despite supposedly increasing knowledge, awareness and education about obesity, nutrition and exercise. And despite the fact that overall calorie intake has gone DOWN by twenty percent over the past ten years, and exercise clubs have mushroomed. More people are cutting calories now than ever before in our history, yet more of them are becoming overweight.

Something is clearly wrong with the ‘popular wisdom’ that promises weight loss, but produces an endless cycle of weight loss and gain, disappointment and despair. ‘Diets’, at least as we have been influenced to perceive them, are not the answer.

In fact, even following a sound eating plan is a bit like ‘putting the cart before the horse’! Because before you can truly achieve a state of perfect weight with lifelong weight stability and wellness, you need to know where you ARE.

We need to accurately establish a starting point for your journey through a detailed blood analysis. This analysis of your blood chemistries enables our Nutrition Diagnostics team to not only determine precisely where you are on the ‘health curve’, it enables us to accurately tailor a plan, individualized to your metabolism.

Your plan is YOUR plan ...

Not something that is given out to everybody, not something you can get from somebody else and use for your body, but an individual, nutritionally balanced program of nutrition, exercise and detoxification that will produce the fastest, safest results ... for you. That’s why this technology is so exciting. In short, it is your path to perfect weight for life.

Nutrition Diagnostics is the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’

Our programmes are based on good science. And for countless hundreds of people now, the ‘truth’ in the Nutrition Diagnostics approach, has been the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. These people now understand that the body is indeed, its own ‘perfect chemistry set’. What’s more, that it is DESIGNED to keep itself well. It’s designed to give you a healthy, vibrant, energy-filled life at your perfect weight.
Your body is ‘DESIGNED to WIN’! 

Today's Popular Diets The Truth

When it comes to today’s ‘popular’ diets, the media has a lot to answer for.

So too have the promoters in the billion dollar fad diets industry, and so-called ‘health experts’ promoting unscientific weight loss and exercise programs. In fact, as you’ll discover, much of what you’re being told is based on myth and misinformation.

Pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in promoting drug solutions over the counter and through medical practitioners that merely target the symptoms of weight problems, NOT the cause. Which can lead to a lifetime of underlying problems simply being suppressed by drugs or surgery.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to weight management.

How could there be? Each of us is biologically unique. The way our metabolism processes food, burns calories and regulates our weight is influenced by our eating behaviors, food quality, changes in our environment, stress levels and physical activity levels. Whether a calorie gets burned for energy or gets stored as fat, is dependent upon the position of insulin or your hormones at any given moment during the day. So just counting calories is a futile and largely meaningless exercise. Calorie reduced dieting is just another name for malnutrition.

The ANSWER to today’s weight and health problems is NOT what you’ve been led to BELIEVE ...

The answer is not in dieting. It’s not in expensive weight loss drugs. Nor in punishing yourself with the wrong forms of exercise. Nor, it may surprise you, is it in eating the low fat everything products that have all but taken over the supermarket shelves. Indeed, these misguided approaches are adding to the problem. They lead to an endless cycle of weight loss and weight gain. Just why this is allowed to continue is a story for another time.  

The message to you is this ...Having the knowledge of these myths and misinformation, and understanding the impact they have upon your body, empowers you with CHOICE.

It empowers you with the knowledge and resolve to take back control of your own health. And to begin a journey along the body’s own natural path to lifelong health – and to keeping at your perfect weight.

There’s something else you’re not told.

It’s that our bodies are ‘genetically programmed’ to make us GAIN weight and KEEP it on. Ten thousand years ago, our forebears had to have that ability. In times of famine, stored fat meant survival. And while our diet has changed dramatically since, our genes have changed little. To correctly manage our weight, we need to take into account our individual ‘chemistry’, and tailor our diet accordingly, avoiding foods more geared to taste and convenience than nutrition.

Again, making informed choices about what you eat ... YOU as a biologically unique individual ... is the key to your perfect weight and lifelong health. Nutrition Diagnostics has the technology and scientific understanding to identify your precise biological needs and to guide you on your journey to Perfect Weight and Balanced Body Chemistries for Lifelong Health. We’ve been producing results with our clients for over 20 years. We’ll welcome walking the journey with you too.