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Just because you may not have a disease does not mean you are as healthy as you could be. Health can be measured objectively. Measuring offers a unique analysis of common blood chemistry parameters that identify where your body is struggling to maintain balance.

Disease rarely, if ever, just ‘happens’. Rather, disease is preceded by a metabolic or physiological dysfunction. These imbalances emerge slowly and progress continuously, but generally are not noticeable because our bodies work very hard at accommodating the imbalances.
The accomodation of survival.
However, if the cause of the dysfunction goes unrecognized, then the battle for balance can be a losing one.
Maintenance of health after a disease process has been reversed is far more difficult than it was when we were in our original good health. Human metabolism operates optimally when blood chemistry maintains itself within narrow ranges.

Simply put, when your chemistry is in balance, you have resistance to disease.
When it is out of balance, you have susceptibility to disease
...that shows up first in the mouth in the form of dental decay and gum disease – “a mouth full of evidence of where you have been and where you are heading”.

We measure for Toxicity, Performance, Recovery, Productivity and Longevity. Body Chemistry is a wonderful way of revealing the answers to health and the challenges we face, remembering though that what we see in the chemistry is an accommodation of survival, as if the body is always striving to win.

With respect to results, biological systems unlike cars and other mechanical systems have many variables. We are attempting to control those variables to achieve a measurable outcome. We can't do the work for you but by using your chemistries it gives us a sound strategy to advise which direction to take through this ‘health maze’.

When looking at chemistries we need to interpret them in light of the fact that the body is always striving to win, and it isn't an indication of failure but an accommodation of survival. It is never wise to look at them in isolation but in respect to the movement of many markers that are compensatory in response to gaining homeostasis. Your blood chemistry is data that has to be interpreted, in context with your complete health goal, in order to devise a strategy that can be implemented, so that change is measurable.

Remembering what gets measured gets managed, but on the same hand not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.