Nutrition Diagnostics - Practitioner Consults

Practitioner Consults Programmes or Isolated

One of the driving philosophies of Nutrition Diagnostics is that we acknowledge that everybody's body is different, and everybody's physiology is different. The approach that we take is to tailor a programme to your needs.
You will need to come to the centre or if you are not local call and discuss what is it that you wish to achieve and then we can offer you the appropriate programme or series of consultations. Once you discuss your needs with our patient coordinators, we can establish your expectations, perceptions, and also your level of commitment prior to accepting you as a client.
We will determine what may hinder you completing the Victory March to high level health.

We don't want to be one of the litany of practitioners you may  have previously consulted. We want you to Win.

We will be completely up front with any fees and programme costs. We have referrals from DR’s, special sports and rehabilitation programmes, exercise only studio, Health coaching- short and longer programmes; there are health fund rebates and so on. There is no obligation and certainly we will give you a very compelling DVD that has a wealth of science based truths about health and nutrition.
Our programmes work, the question is “Would you be prepared to make this step for your life-long health, if you knew for sure you could win?”
The great news is there's a process to get you from where you are … to where your body will feel fantastic and be healthy. But we've got to take you through that process.
Our commitment is to match energy with energy in a partnership like arrangement.  Now if that means being flexible about the programme, we'll work around that.  The main thing is that you don't lose momentum.  Our commitment to you is your life-long health and the right amount of fat loss. And really, as long as you are prepared to follow a path, we'll be there with you.

We look forward to meeting with you at the centre. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.