Nutrition Diagnostics - The Optimal Programme

The Optimal Programme

Immune Rebuilding and Health Recovery

Optimal Health Coach programme – 4 months duration

  • Initial Extensive Blood Chemistry Voucher- allows us to assess the Toxic Footprints, your immune system, metabolic makers, protein status and iron status with accuracy. We also look at the performance of your body and physical disturbances in relation to oral health and overall wellbeing. We look at 125 different markers in terms of health Model thinking.

  • Initial Prescription For Health Report & In-depth Health Consultation of the Blood Chemistry Results with a trained Certified Nutritionist. Your report is both descriptive and prescriptive & will be presented at your Initial Consultation. –Allows us to assess the "toxic footprints", your immune system, metabolic markers, protein and iron status from your blood and urine tests with accuracy. We also look at the performance of your body and physical disturbances in relation to your oral health, previous dental procedures and overall toxic accumulations.

  • Weekly Health Coach Consultations - structured consultations with a Nutrition Diagnostics Health Coach and team support either via face to face consultations, Skype consultations or telephone.

  • A dietary guide in accordance to your body chemistry ( Not the Blood Type Diet )

  • Floatation Tank sessions to be utilised within the programme

  • Far Infrared Sauna sessions to be utilised within the programme

  • Initial consultation with our Strength Coaches for health and fitness assessment, with 4 months access to the Exercise Studio. Clients have two 60 minute personally coached exercise sessions per week throughout the 16 week duration. Body measurements and outcomes are monitored closely.    

  • Series of Educational Coaching Emails timed perfectly throughout the 16 week program, addressing behavioural changes, dream stealers, goal setting, how to travel, eating out and how not to crash your investment.

  • Interim Metabolic Blood Test / Repeated Insulin/Glucose Blood Chemistry Voucher if appropriate.

  • Follow Up Extensive Blood Chemistry Voucher – We will be comparing to your exact same blood chemistry markers in the initial blood chemistry.

  • Follow Up Prescription For Health Report & Consultation – This allows us to revise your goals and assess your blood chemistry markers in comparison to your original chemistry. Most importantly in this consultation we are setting up long term goals. From that point we can distinguish what direction to take. A maintenance programme may be advised.

    “Maintenance of health after a disease process has been reversed is far more difficult than it was when we were in our original good health”.

  • Follow Up Consultations To be utilised after the updated blood chemistries fortnightly appointments.

  • and much more....

Our programmes are designed to rebuild the immune system and allow you to achieve a higher level of health. We are teaching you how to balance your body chemistry so that your body can correct itself. As our programmes are focused on nutrition it is advisable to coincide with medical advice.

The structure and what the programme entails is fixed to get maximum compliance, results and continuity to provide an outcome in a specific time frame.

The Prescription for Health Report should preferably be delivered prior to the first dental appointment if this is applicable to your circumstances; this is to compliment the complex process of Total Dental Revision. The consultations will run independently of Dental Appointment schedules so as to acquire the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot and implement the appropriate action. This program was also developed to assist the person with autoimmune or degenerative diseases related to dental toxins. It is also used by people who desire the best program for prevention, because it covers all aspects of teaching you how to interpret chemistries for the rest of your life.

If your chemistry markers are “significantly” departing from the reference range you will be advised to consult with your Medical Practitioner to rule out unknown concerns if this has not already been undertaken by your medical team.

Talk to our client coordinators to arrange a complimentary enquiry consult and we will establish what is best for you.