Nutrition Diagnostics - Is The Dental Support Programme For You

Is The Dental Support Programme For You?

The Dental Support Programme is provided by Nutrition Diagnostics designed to support  Total Dental Revision at Eric Davis Dental by providing education on healing, nutritional concepts and detoxification.
This is Nutrition Diagnostics’ entry level programme and is purely focused on steps to support your Total Dental Revision for the health conscious individual with no disease label or severe health challenge.

This will stop you from going from the " Frying pan to the Fire" and cease further exposure and help eliminate stored toxins. Removing a poison from the mouth does not successfully remove it from your body or heal the damage that has occurred. At Nutrition Diagnostics we are thinking beyond your teeth by providing the key to optimal dental health and a balanced body chemistry and thus overall health.
As important and necessary your Total Dental Revision is, it only completes about 10% of the protocol you need for recovery. The Prescription for Health Report will help you with the remaining steps needed for complete recovery and a better and healthier lifestyle! 

In order for you to qualify for a Dental Support Programme we must first establish: 

  1. How do we determine if a health challenge is severe or more demanding?
  2. How do we assign a program with your best interests in mind based on your health challenges/symptoms?

We would need to understand your perception, expectation, level of commitment and also hindrance to commitment
prior to accepting you into a specific programme. Nutrition Diagnostics does not want to be one of the litany of practitioners you may have previously consulted.

A health challenge can be identified as moderate to severe if:

If you identified yourself above it would be suggested that your health challenge is "moderate to severe" and in order to gain and maintain the health improvements you want, it would be strongly recommended to progress to the

The Immune Rebuilding Program

How do I know if my body and immune system have been affected possibly by Dental Toxins?

Do you have more than five of the following symptoms? 

  • chronic fatigue

  • unexplained irritability

  • frequent unexplained bouts of depression

  • unfounded ―floating suicidal thoughts

  • unexplained anxiety

  • brain fog

  • poor short term memory

  • cold hands and feet - even in the summer

  • numbness and tingling of hands and feet

  • twitching of muscles in the face, arms, or legs

  • frequently having to get up at night to urinate

  • unexplained intermittent joint pain

  • sudden flashes of anger for no reason

  • acid indigestion after eating

  • bloated feeling after eating

  • ringing or noises in the ears

  • metallic taste in the mouth

  • racing heartbeat

  • frequent headaches, including migraines

Do any apply? one... two? several? More than you like?
All of these symptoms have been reported as related to dental toxins – in the susceptible person. No one will have all of them, and some people have none of them. Sensitivity depends upon your genetics, lifestyle and other environmental exposures.

If you did find yourself more than a few times in this list, then perhaps it is time for you to contact one of our client advisors for more information on what to do about yourself.

Will having dentistry alone solve my problems?
Removal of toxic dental materials will cut off the supply of toxins, but that does nothing toward healing and repair. Balancing the body chemistry is required to supply the proper raw materials to bring about healing. Remembering what gets measured gets managed, but on the same hand not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. With respect to results, biological systems unlike cars and other mechanical systems have many variables. We are attempting to control those variables to achieve a measurable outcome. We can't do the work for you but by using your chemistries it gives us a sound strategy to advise which direction to take through this ‘health maze’.So when looking at a chemistry we must always consider up and down stream events and not in isolation. What we see in a chemistry is  accommodation of survival, as if the body is always striving to win.

Body chemistry should be thought of, as the language that the body uses to give itself instruction, continually, 24/7, for meeting all of the demands and challenges placed upon it at that specific moment in time when the specimen was collected. Once you see chemistry in this light, then you begin placing yourself in the body’s shoes, asking quite simply “why would I do that”? 

Most people have heard the term detoxification, and have been led to the conclusion that "amalgam removal" constitutes detoxification.

Amalgam and other dental toxin removal turns off the source, but does little toward detoxifying the body. There is far more mercury in a patient’s body than can possibly get rid of in 10 billion days at the rate of 8 or 9 billionths of a gram per day. But, fortunately,  you don’t have to get rid of all of it. You just have to get rid of a few micrograms  more each day than you absorb.  Detoxification is a lifelong process, and is best initiated after the dental revision. There are two basic types of detoxification: Chemical and Non-Chemical. There are many ways to detox, but once patients get to feeling better, they generally ignore detoxification and believe that it will take place by itself. After a few weeks, they begin to backslide and always wonder why. The answer is always that they either stopped their  Eating Plan, stopped  supplements or failed to follow some type of detoxification strategies outlined in their  Prescription for Health Report.

Chemical detoxification is the use of chelating agents like EDTA, DMPS, DMSA and many more. Non-chemical involves sauna, Hot Detox Baths and the like. Some can be quite harmful to patients, even though they are heavily advertised by “holistic doctors”. There are many pros and cons to detoxification, and the one thing that is frequently ignored is that elimination should be the goal of detoxification – not just release.

Removing mercury from the "bone and transporting it to the brain" offers no benefit and can make people worse and fail to recover.

Many a potentially successful case has been compromised by too much, too rapid a detoxification program. You must  eliminate what you are releasing before detoxification can take place.

Talk to our client coordinators to arrange a complimentary enquiry consult, and we will establish what is best for you.