Nutrition Diagnostics - The Dental Support Programme

The Dental Support Programme  Entry Level Program

The Dental Support Programme is only provided by Nutrition Diagnostics, designed to support Total Dental Revision at Eric Davis Dental by providing education on healing, nutritional concepts and detoxification.
This is Nutrition Diagnostics’ entry level programme and is purely focused on steps to support your Total Dental Revision at Eric Davis Dental for the health conscious individual with no disease label or severe health challenge.

For health conscious people who are aware that mercury, infected root canal toxins, and other dental toxins are dangerous, and do not want to find out what looms ahead of them. It is for prevention or minor symptom problems. A computer reads your blood and urine chemistry report, and together with an extensive questionnaire gives you an approximately 150 page report on how to lead your life for better health. Your education comes in paper form, and you are the one to apply discipline to read and retain the information. It is newly updated and expanded, so it contains a wealth of information. The only problem is that you have to do the reading and application of the recovery part. You are obligated to read and follow that road map with some guidance. Many people go through this program, then apply part of its fee to go on to one of the complete programmes or request further consultations as needed.

This will stop you from going from the " Frying pan to the Fire" and cease further exposure and help eliminate stored toxins.


  • Initial Prescription For Health Report– A written report containing comprehensive education in addition to health and lifestyle recommendations. Your individualised report is both descriptive and prescriptive and will be presented at your initial consultation from an appointed Nutrition Diagnostics health coach.

  • In-depth Health Consultation of the Blood Chemistry Results and Presciption for Health Report with a trained Certified Nutritionist –Allows us to assess the "toxic footprints", your immune system, metabolic markers, protein and iron status from your blood and urine tests with accuracy. We also look at the performance of your body and physical disturbances in relation to your oral health, previous dental procedures and overall toxic accumulations.

  • A dietary guide in accordance to your body chemistry ( Not the Blood Type Diet )

  • Health Coach Reviews – Structured one-hour consultations with a Nutrition Diagnostics Health Coach via face-face, Skype or telephone communications. This will run independently of the dental treatment dates.

  • and much more....

If your chemistry markers are “significantly” departing from the reference range you will be advised to consult with your Medical Practitioner to rule out unknown medical concerns, and to consider upgrading to a more comprehensive total health coaching programme either the:

Nutrition Diagnostics can offer future health programmes beyond the Dental Support Programme and other health services including gym membership, floats, far infra red saunas and strength training.

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