Nutrition Diagnostics - Maintenance

Health Maintenance

We all need fine tuning and maintenance after the effort taken to regain high level health.

Using the Health Model-based approach, we've seen some remarkable results. People with chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, memory difficulties, numerous aches and pains, digestive disorders, chronic depression, systemic impairments, coronary diseases, cancer, autoimmune dysfunction and a host of other maladies have made profound improvements.
The Health Model is our frame of reference for both understanding and attaining the highest level of health. Through this approach we've gained the insight that directs us to those steps necessary to not only prevent disease, but also to overcome it. We encourage you to work closely with your health care provider and take responsibility for your own journey.

Recovery is possible and expected, but turning the situation around will require discipline, patience, a determined will, and total commitment. Maintaining your health once it has been lost needs your undivided attention.

Now at the 16 week point, you may choose and we encourage you to stay on a maintenance programme, which naturally will be a much lower investment, given you won't be having the blood chemistries done. You will however, be able to use the facilities, and we'll still be there to support and advise you. You’re investing in your health, which you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.
Detoxification, Biotransformation, Cleansing, Detox, is an ongoing pursuit. By pinpointing these imbalances we can develop a winning strategy that works best with your body's design to restore balance and therefore restore your health.
The human body was designed to anticipate and successfully cope with most toxic exposures, including mercury. However illnesses develop from toxic exposure for a variety of reasons. Repeated exposures that overwhelm the body's ability to respond, impeded exit capabilities, altered genetics, and alterations in the quantity and quality of the binding proteins are the most common. When one or a combination of these roadblocks is active it  leads to compromised health.

Finding ways to support the body's intended design for detoxification does lead to improved health. Even when genetics are involved, a harmful gene still needs permission to express itself.

Talk to our client coordinators to establish what is best for you. With your history at hand our Senior Certified Nutritionists can organise what is in your best interest.