Nutrition Diagnostics - Health Coach Update

Health Coach Update

The Health Coach Update service is only available to Clients that have completed a Nutrition Diagnostics programme. It is structured to provide comparison, assessment and analysis of recent blood chemistry results and to devise a strategy for continuous support and monitoring and fine tuning.


  • Update Prescription for Health Report – A written report containing comprehensive education in addition to health and lifestyle recommendations. Your individualised report is both descriptive and prescriptive and will be presented at your initial consultation from the appointed health coach who is a certified clinical nutritionist.
  • In-depth Consultation of Updated Blood Chemistry Results – The consult can be up to 90 minutes in duration which allows the Health Coach to explain the findings from your extensive blood chemistries, provide comparison and nutritional recommendations.
  • 1x Complimentary Review (30 minutes) – The update includes a complimentary review with your Health Coach.

If your chemistry markers are “significantly” departing from the reference range you will be advised to consult with your Medical Practitioner to rule out unknown medical concerns.

What we have found at Nutrition Diagnostics is that every test performed needs interpretation and a strategy implemented with a follow-up test. A smaller interim test may be advised either 9 weeks, 4 months or 6 months later. If your chemistry is balanced you are recommended to do a follow-up Multi Panel once a year to obtain the highest level of health.

Nutrition Diagnostics can offer future health programmes beyond the Health Coach Update service and other health services including gym membership, floats, saunas and strength training.
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